A2A Comanche doesn’t appear to have turbulence haptics while in flight

Hi, I’m getting the same issues with the Market Place aircraft, haptics feedback to base shakers are fine on the ground but in the air zero turbulence, I do get feedback from landing gear & flaps, anyone else experiencing this issue. Turbulence is on in the aircraft tablet.

What do you mean by “haptics”?

Maybe he has an FFB yoke. Or maybe a chair with haptic feedback?

Sorry guys chair with haptic feedback

What software are you using?

Buttkicker Hapticonnect, every other aircraft is working correctly,just the Comanche, no flight turbulence

Maybe it’s because of accusim? A2A does not use the native turbulence in the sim IIRC.


I would have to agree. It’s running in a sandbox external to MSFS.

Edit: After reading some posts at A2A forums. This does appear to be the case. They are not exposing the telemetry for turbulence.

@TONYDARKZERO if you want to get a much better experience with your Buttkicker, I highly recommend you make the switch to SimHaptic. It is much, much better and way more configurable. You could bump up airframe airflow and get some feeling. I utilize a couple of Buttkickers and will never go back to Hapticonnect.


Hey, yes I’m going to try the free trial, strange that the haptic feedback works for gear and flaps etc.

Such a great aircraft and the they leave out turbulence, but include others such as gear and flaps, the aircraft feels sterile while cruising