A300 circles around T-P // Xbox Series X

Good day fellow Sim-Pilots

I recently had an issue with the A300 from iniBuilds, that straight after the takeoff, the plane starts circling around a T-P waypoint, which wasn’t present on the flightplan in the first place when I entered it. I then tried to insert a “Direct to” waypoint, but it just updates the T-P waypoint at my current position and starts circling around this one. On the PFD it shows the actual waypoint, which should be next.

This happened twice at 2 different airports and both times I had to make a turn immediately after takeoff - I don’t know if it’s correlated.

Is the plane suppose to behave like that? How do I get out of that loop? Or is “just” a bug?

PS: English is not my native language, so apologies in advance :grimacing:

Push Push :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve noticed this happening with some flights randomly, mostly around Europe. Have asked inibuilds about it

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