A310 A/THR function Thrust Lever Override?

Good Day,

I was wondering if there is a way where someone could override the A310’s A/THR function when moving the thrust levers (via Throttle Gate) on the Airbus TCA Sidestick. A practical example would be that during a landing the plane comes in too fast, and it balloons or bounces in a hard touchdown and the pilot calls for a Go-Around, the pilot would just push the thrust levers forward and execute the procedure. However, in the A310 the only way this is possible is if your A/THR function is off, however, if you are flying the airplane on A/THR and let it manage it until 30 feet off the ground the if I push the thrust levers forward the plane will not respond to the input.

Is this a normal function on the A310 or do I have a problem with how my control bindings and mappings are set up?

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi Mike.
I don’t have your exact problem, but I find it curious that when I attempt to fly the A310, my CH throttle activates the reverse thrust only (when on the ground). I have checked and re-checked my controller settings, as well as testing it on other aircraft, but cannot solve it. When I use my mouse to increase throttle and get air born, the throttle works. It is only a problem when on the ground.

There is a “hidden” TOGA click spot on the A310 that could help in this case.
The real A310 does not have this function though.

Thanks for reaching out… That’s what I was afraid of, but the workaround will do for now… :smirk: