A310 Cartwheel Upon Landing

I am not a developer, and have removed all mods. For some reason my A310 consistently does a cartwheel every landing upon touchdown/roleout which leads to a loss of plane (you’ve overstressed the aircraft) which is very annoying after long flights. Any recommendations or is this a common occurrence?

Many thanks for the help!


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Make sure your flight model is set to Modern.

Just looked and it is indeed set to Modern; someone mentioned that i could possibly be due to the rudder being overly sensitive? Idk

On landing it always nose dives after about 4 seconds of rolling out after touchdown which causes it to cartwheel lol

Could you record the issue and post a brief video on YouTube or here ?

I wouldn’t think the rudder would cause a nose dive.
Are you able to steer the A310 in that short time frame?

If not, have you checked to ensure no piloting assistance options have been unknowingly turned on?
(MSFS does have a habit of doing that!)

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So turning off photogrammetry seems to have fixed the issue. Bitter sweet