A310 Certain Displays Nonfunctional

I am just starting to explore the 40th anniversary content, and I was most anxious to try the a310. I was using the checklist to power up from cold and dark and things were progressing easily and well. Then when it came time to set the autopilot, I really hit a wall. All of the amber displays on the MCP autopilot panel are blank. Even the Decision Height was blank, though when I rotated the dial it would change on the PFD. When I adjusted the speed or altitude on the MCP (in addition to the blank amber display) it did not make any changes to the PFD speed or altitude tapes. Also on the PFD instead of the digital artificial horizon, it had the speed and altitude tapes on either side but ATT displayed instead of the horizon.

Has anybody experienced this problem? Can you help me out with any solutions or troubleshooting tips? Usually I will spend an hour or so researching a topic before I post on the forums, but lately I have only had an hour or two every few days to devote to MSFS. So I apologize if this has been asked and answered, but just point me in the right direction.

I appreciate in advance any help you can offer. The less time I spend correcting this is more time I can join you in the virtual sky.


I just had the same issue and found this:

Forgot to enable the pitch trim.

Thanks for the tip! I’m even more honored you gave up your forum virginity to answer my silly question. You hit the nail on the head, pitch trim was exactly the problem. I think their checklist assist can use a little tweaking, it can sometimes skip to the next step when there are multiple actions to be completed.

Also, I found out the problem with the disappearing artificial horizon. You need to put in your initial weights for it to appear, but if you spend too much time screwing around (like I did on the checklist) it makes you re-enter the weight.

So for the amber displays on the master autopilot, it’s pitch trim. For a disappearing PFD, just recheck your weights in the flight computer. Hope this helps the next guy and thanks again!