A310 crash on take off XBOX Series S

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On XBOX. No mods/add ons

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Taking off in A310 aircraft will repeatedly crash, as if flipped over by a giant hand, if I stay within cockpit during takeoff. If I move to external view the aircraft takes off normally. This happens every time, with every airport, with A310 and with no other aircraft I have been able to identify. Additionally, if spoilers are armed during takeoff it will automatically deploy full air brakes as soon as take off starts. As a workaround I put spoilers to 0% before I engage the throttle and that prevents the airbrake issue.

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Launch simulator with A310 on runway at any airport. Stay within cockpit view the whole time. Release parking brake and engage throttle or press TOGA button. Start to accelerate up runway, plane will catastrophically crash, often ending on its back, before it gets to take off velocity. Repeat these exact steps, but staying in external camera view to achieve a successful takeoff. Able to move back into cockpit as soon as wheels leave the ground. All AI assistance options are turned off.

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XBOX series X. Same issue whether using just controller, or plugging in external joystick.

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Unsure. Started to experience within the past 6 weeks.

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I used to have that happening when Istarted flying the A310 on xbox x. I knew this was a complex airliner to learn so I watched all the Inibuilds tutorials and others I could find. Since then I fly the A310 all the time and I have never had that issue again… Unfortunately I don’t know what I was doing that triggered it but learning to fly the plane as it should sorted it. I use Hotas one, mouse and xbox controller (only for camea views).

I am an Xbox X user, and fly the A310 all the time, except of course when there is a CTD, but I usually get off the ground first! Have you engaged AP, even on TO and before 1000 feet after TO, as with me, depending on the airport, it does kick out and can cause the plane to drop. Again, I usually TO and don’t have an issue on the runway. Also, when I updated MSFS this week it reset things that made the A310 not follow the flightplan. Check this site out (A310 Not following the Flighplan) on the forum for what to turn off in the sim. It helped me, again, but why I had the CTD on final is beyond me!

Hope you solve things,

BallonAir, no I would never try to engage autopilot before positive climb and gear retracted etc, and as I stated the issue happens on the runway, before the aircraft even gets to 100kts. I’ve lost count of the number of successful flights I’ve done all the way from cold dark start through full ILS approach and autoland, but this is the one behaviour I can’t explain, and I especially can’t understand why it happens when I’m looking at the runway from the cockpit, but it doesn’t happen when I’m looking at the plane from the rear on an external camera. It didn’t happen for a while, but the bug came back in December and I’m not aware of doing anything different or having anything different in my setup.

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I am on PC and I set up the aircraft at the stand, but I stayed in the cockpit throughout the takeoff and experienced what I believe to be the same bug. All assistance options off. I used the TOGA button, and about halfway between V1 and VR, the aircraft rolled sharply to the left. Airspeed reduced by about 20 knots instantly as a result of the event. At the time of the incident, the elevator was in motion to initiate rotation and the aircraft had yet to leave the ground. If the main gear was airborne I think the aircraft would have ended up on its back as OP initially reported. With insufficient energy to lift off, the aircraft overran the runway and crashed into the trees.



I would describe the event as being coincident to the moment where lift becomes equal or greater than drag, if that helps in looking for edge cases. Could be related to weight on wheels sensor.

I have no explanation for it, but the issue just disappeared on Thursday, and remained working yesterday. I have been able to take off from within the A310 cockpit several times with no issue. I changed no setting and the only thing I’m aware of doing is swapping out to the A320NEO for one flight before going back to the the A310. I’ll continue to test to see if the issue returns.

I don’t know if Xbox got an update, but the problem persists on PC. I did about half a dozen tests today, and was able to discover that the problem does not manifest when spawning on the runway. When I set up and taxi out the aircraft myself, the aircraft violently crashes when the main gear leaves the ground. Unfortunately, this does not narrow down the cause of the issue. External camera does not seem to have a difference. For all tests, I used the external camera several times, and the takeoff roll was performed in the cockpit.
I did notice a lack of elevator authority in the rotation when spawning at parking. I pulled back and didn’t get a response until about half-back deflection. The violent loss of control occurred a split second later. I don’t know what could be causing this.
I have yet to complete a test following the set up procedure to the letter, or using the auto-complete checklists. After I capture footage of the phenomenon, I will try using the stock A320neo for a flight.

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This problem also occurs with me on Xcloud (which I believe uses SS) and it only occurs with me in the United States. I was making a flight from Salt Lake City (KSLC) to Bozeman (KBZN) taking off from runway 34L in Salt. As I gained speed, you can see some waves on the runway, so far, so good. When I got close to V1, all of a sudden the aircraft takes a lateral blow that lifts it to a great height. The blow is so strong that the plane stops in the air and falls on the grass by the side of the runway. It doesn’t break because I turned off damage in the menu, due to the trauma. I tried to take off twice and always took a blow. In anger, I took off from the taxiway and took off smoothly. But for me, it only happens in the US, I haven’t seen this in Latin America where I always fly, nor in Europe.

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