A310 ECAM Lit Button Texture Missed in Texture Update on XBOX

The new textures are a welcome upgrade.

It appears the ECAM buttons missed getting an upgrade to their lit state texture. Note the difference here between lit and unlit.

Have you also noticed that the trim wheel no longer has textures to tell what your trim is?

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Yes. I thought something was off there, but I have so little seat time in the A310, that I wasn’t quite sure what was going on.

I suppose we need a screenshot and write up of that, too.

This did not get addressed in the .30 release.

With the pedestal lights on, the ECAM buttons are still extremely illegible and difficult to read.

With the lights turned off they are legible and easy to read.

It would be nice to see these fixed. Trying to read these buttons at night (or even during the day with the lights on) with the poor lighting texture is difficult.

This is on Xbox Series X.

I can confirm that. I have just looked again!

Hi @NixonRedgrave , quick question: Is this happening only on Xbox for you (not on PC)? I know you usually look at both platforms. Just want to double-check.

I have not checked on my PC.

Allow me a bit of time and I will do so for you. I’m on approach to KOAK.

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No problem! Safe flight!

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Affirmative — it appears to be an Xbox only issue.

I’m looking at my PC now and they are markedly more legible and clearly defined.

Note: I do not have the Marketplace texture upgrade installed, either.

Many thanks for checking!

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