A310 Honeycomb Bravo rotary knobs only affects Vertical Speed

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IniBuilds A310

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On the Honeycomb Bravo, when I turn the right AP rotary knob, it always changes the vertical speed, whatever the position of the mode selector (left). I can’t change IAS, HDG or ALT…
(Only with the A310, no issue with A320 or PMDG737, with the same hardware profile.)

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Launch a flight with the A310 and try the AP knobs on the Honeycomb Bravo.

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Honeycomb Bravo

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Since SU12

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Am I the only one with this issue ?
Do you guys have the honeycomb PA working perfectly with the A310 ?
If yes, what should I try to resolve the problem ?

I have no idea if you’ve seen this, but watch this vid all the way through, even though some of it applies to 4 engine aircraft.
There may be something in there that may help:

Hi, thanks for your answer.
My settings are good, all others aircraft work perfectly well with the honeycomb PA, the A310 is the only one to have the problem I described.
It sounds like it is not looking for my settings but obey to an other law: every modes affect Vertical Speed…

Regarding your setup, e.g. for autopilot airspeed, do you confirm that you see:

Because for me the Inibuild A310 is one of the rarest airliners that work almost out of the box with the Honeycomb bravo.

Can you show us a screenshot of your assignations to see if we can spot any mistake? Only the one to modify autopilot reference values please.

Hi, thanks for your answer.
Yes, for exemple for the altitude selector I have JOYSTICK BOUTON 21 with ON PRESS action.
I tried to delete and reinstall the A310, same issue. (with or without the enhanced pack)
Tried to reinstall honeycomb drivers, same issue.
Tried with and without FSUIPC, same issue.

Tried with an other aircraft: all the PA functionalities works perfectly fine…

In the Controls Options menu, select your controller from the top menu, and on the left, click on “Search by Input” and use a button in the controller that will cause this.

Are any other commands displayed?

Do the commands work OK if you just use the mouse to change the cockpit controls?

Good idea, I checked no other commands are linked to these inputs, but there are not.
PA commands works well with the mouse (so I can fly anyway).
I hope the SU14 will make it works again (it works well before SU12 for me). So frustrating !

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First to be sure, we’re speaking about the free Inibuild included A310, right?

If so, I think I see. Do NOT use the altitude bug select to interact with the FCU. Delete that one.

But instead assign ones that look like: INCREASE AUTOPILOTE ALT and DECREASE AUTOPILOTE ALT (I don’t remember the names exactly). Then for each of these one do: ON PRESS, scan input and select ALT on your Bravo and turn the knob left or right depending if it’s increase or decrease.

To select ALT (or any other) while scanning input you have to be on the position (i.e. a selection) of one which is NEXT to the one you want. Then:

  • select it while scanning (turn button ON).
  • Turn the rotary knob in the desired direction.
  • Select it back to its PREVIOUS position (turn the button OFF). This simulate on ON/OFF button to release the scanning. Remember you’re doing an ON PRESS.

You should then have JOYSTICK BUTTON 17 + JOYSTICK BUTTON 13 with ON PRESS as action for the desired input. As you have to do it twice for each Bravo control, it’s a total of 10 items to set up.


Thank you very very much ! This was the solution (for the IniBuilds A310 yes) ! Didn’t think to set it this way but now it looks obvious :wink:
Thanks again !
Cheers !