A310 overspeed and it's fine

I think I had something weird with the Inibuild A310, how with maximum “realism” options (whatever this means), the plane can overspeed at 440 knots at 11,000 ft without structural damage (i.e. crash in the game)?

I understand that reaching Mach 0.80 is doable at 35-40,000 ft but can these airliners reach such speed with the density of the air at 11’000 ft, assuming normal temperatures (approx. -5C)?

next is a screenshot showing the attitude of the aircraft, I let it like that for several minutes, nothing happened:

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Hi SharpyKat,
FYI, perhaps what you are observing is related to this post: Crash Damage not enabled when it is


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Thank you for pointing me this thread.

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