A310 Xbox liveries

Hello Aviators, I wanted to request the freeware liveries for the a310 on Xbox. I was on the forum of Inibuilds and in multiple answers to these requests, they informed we should contact Microsoft because they cannot release them on Xbox due to licensing. I wanted to ask why there is a difference between both versions, if they are the same plane, made from the same developers.

I also wanted to said thank you for this aircraft, it is great!

I am 100% with you. BTW. Nice would be the thread to attach the XBox tag

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Tag added.


Im also with you on this matter, i think we do need some liveries for the A310 on the xbox…I also think it would be a good idea to have the printer working also , and was thinking too about Navigragh …if the A310 is able to function with Simbrief why cant it do Navigraph also just like the Honda Jet maybe have the charts etc on the EFB (Tablet) …

Just some food for thought from me , and yes thank you too all who brought a study level aircraft to xbox …Im loving it

Happy Flying guys and hope to see some of you in the skies


I know that both 4Simmers and BravoAirspace are working on A310 liveries. But that’s not freeware, i understand.

It’s really time for the freeware category on the Marketplace for Xbox!