A320 AP gives Up

Flying the A320 on series x, I’ve noticed the AP frequently stops following the flight plan randomly in the middle of flights. Didn’t have this problem until recently. In some cases AP doesn’t pick up the plotted path after takeoff, and in others, it will take the plane to a few waypoints before giving up and heading off in random directions. System shows AP properly engaged throughout, so I’m not sure why it has become so unreliable lately. Are others having similar problems? It looks like pc players had the same issues several months ago, but those posts are now closed and registered as “problem resolved.”

That’s the way it is!

There is only one solution for the PC: FlyByWire. Unfortunately only for the PC.

Most likely you will have no choice but to wait for a solution from MS / Asobo.

You can try the following: If the autopilot no longer follows you go to Direct to on the MCDU and select the next waypoint by hand. But you always have to be careful.

Thanks for the reply! Good to know it isn’t just me. On the plus side It is forcing me to improve my manual flying skills, but hopefully this issue will be fixed soon.

That’s exactly how you have to see it - great attitude.

It’s nothing to do with it being FBW or the default A320. It’s just the Xbox cursor that’s bugged.

Does it happen when you activate the cursor with LS on your controller? I’ve had this problem where the A320 would veer off to the left or right when I move the cursor using the left LS stick. Clicking LS to control the plane again, and moving the LS stick, seems to put the A/P back on track.

Thanks for the extra data points, but I don’t think that’s the issue. The AP has bugged out on different flights at all stages of the journey, most often before I activate LS. Sometimes the plane just spins in a circle endlessly, or hits a waypoint and then keeps going straight instead of turning to the next one. I did just try using the computer to force the AP to travel directly to the next waypoint when it veers off, which does work, but sometimes I have to do that several times on a trip. AP usually works as it should (75 percent of flights), and since there are viable workarounds this isn’t the worst bug out there, but hopefully a fix will still be coming at some point.

Didn’t have an issue until today, when it just started a continuous right hand turn with about a 50 degree angle of bank!

Yep, it doesn’t work properly. This is why the A320 tutorial is just take off and landing which is both manual.

The standard PC fix is to install the A320NX but I suspect you can’t do that.

Your new game is actually still in beta testing. The more complex the system, the less useable it is. Some amateurs have improved most of the planes remarkably - the gap between the A320NX and default is comical - but unfortunately you probably can’t install it yet.

There are definitely some Flightplan issues on XBox. For low altitude airways it creates some weird flight paths, which when close to the airport sometimes the AP sticks to and sometimes it doesn’t. I have definitely had more AP nav issues near approaches than anything else. ILS approaches have a bug and even when set by flight plan don’t get pulled into PFD so you have to go select them in MCDU again so they do show, which of course initiates a change in flightplan and a new request to ATC as you have changed airport. Argh! I also found a ILS freq bug yesterday in Amsterdam. Was tuned for an ILS on 18R and if you turned on the assistance glideslope chevrons it showed an approach to 18R, but the ILS took me in on 18L. An odd experience! There are definitely AP quirks with A320neo.

Yes, that with the wrong ILS frequencies was also a problem on the PC.
I would always compare them to the approach charts.

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Surely it must be long overdue a bug fix since its been around on PC for over a year now.

Always check the RAD NAV button on FMC. If the ILS frequency, CRS and the correct approach are showing it should all autotune.

Remember to click the ILS display button next to FD on the glareshield to bring up the magenta diamonds. Then to engage LOC on intercept heading, and arm APP once established on the localiser (LOC green and horizontal diamond centred) . Always intercept the glideslope from below and not above. In most aircraft arming the APP mode once established on localiser may show GS in white on PFD instead of APP.

On a related note, the last several flights on the A320 have failed to display the magenta diamonds on the PFD after pressing LS. When I press LS, the diamonds appear for a split second and then disappear. I’ve been doing everything else just as I always have, and confirmed I had the correct ILS approach in the MCDU. On my last flight, APPR still brought me in to the runway correctly without the ILS info showing, but that only happens sometimes. Any thoughts on why the magenta ILS guidance stopped displaying on the PFD?

Have you checked if the localizer frequency is correct?
It’s not always entered automatically,

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Thanks for the suggestion…I will that a try this evening.