A320 AP Problems

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Since my other post was rudely deleted ill start another one as i missed the point this also happens without the mod installed!!

over the last 2 days iv been having big problems with the AP feature in the A320, Its been fine for weeks upto 2 days ago

At any point in my flight from anywhere in the world it will go into a major sharp right hand bank I use the FBW Dev build mod iv also used the 5.2 stable version with the same issues…Iv not changed or installed anything else…I dont understand how this has happend over 2 days ago, Its not like theres been a update for this since

The deletion was perfectly fine, since you stated you had problems with the FBW mod.

As for the issue:
Please use 2D screenshots, since we may then actually read the text and have a full overview of the cockpit state.

From what I can see now:

  • Your TCAS is full of messages
  • You are not on a flight plan,
  • Your throttle is not in the CLB or FLX detent
  • Your speed is set to 272 knots on what altitude? Aren’t you simply falling out of the sky?

I have repeat this over hundreds of times in this forum and I will repeat this here again.

Let’s do a bit of housekeeping in your settings:

  1. Set flight model to Modern. Don’t use Legacy.
  2. Set all assists to Hard/True to Life (Taxi ribbon is the only acceptable exception)
  3. AI Copilot control must be off at all times.
  4. Set deadzone to all your flight control axis (X,Y,Z, everything) in your sensitivity control settings. at least 5% is needed.
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