A320 Autopilot, Aktionen „drücken“ und „ziehen“ an den Knöpfen für Geschwindigkeit, Kurs und Höhe mit der Maus

Hello everyone, I’m still new to FS 2020 and have the following problem with the A320 autopilot.
if I want to manually change the speed, altitude or course with the mouse, I have previously been able to do this with the mouse. When pointing above the button, an up arrow appeared for pushing and down for pulling. This no longer works. I can turn the buttons and change the data, but pushing and pulling is no longer possible. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks very much

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Either you change to the legacy interface (General options > Accessibility) or - if you have the right hardware - you can also use Mouse buttons 4 and 5 (usually forward and backward in browers).