A320 autopilot skips waypoints on approach

The past few days, the autopilot (and flight director) sometimes ignores the last few waypoints during approach, starting before the final turn, and suddenly points me directly at the runway at an 30° angle or more. Does this happen to anyone else?

As a side-effect, I’m starting to get better at aiming the flying whale at the runway manually but I’d prefer to do this by choice, not by necessity…

I’m using the FlyByWire mod (stable) but this never happened before the update.

  • Autopilot goes direct to RWY on APP (same with the default A320) [Workaround: Use DIR to a waypoint or selected heading]

They also released today a new one, try with that as well (if you haven’t):slight_smile:

Not just from the past few days, I’ve been having the same issue since the sim launced in August. Most of the waypoint skips bug occur on the same airport on the same approach. So you might be flying into an airport that doesn’t have the bug, since it’s not really consistent and randomly occur to certain approaches.

But the ones that do have the bug, I find that it always occurs at the same place. So when that happens, I’m all ready to take over from the Nav mode and switches to selected heading/track mode.

All the jets do this- it’s a bug in the AP system. FBW is working on their own, independent AP, which should eliminate this whenever it’s finished. Meanwhile, be ready to fly a heading manually or use heading mode on approach and let the AP capture the GS.

Working Title have developed their custom nav logic, but all other airplanes will have issues doing certain STARs and approaches. Eg. try any STAR at ENGM or in Norway in general for that matter, or many down in EU, and see how waypoints in the STAR are being cut out/not displayed as per the published procedure. Working Title has fixed this. None else has, including Asobo.

Isn’t Working Title a film studio? or am I missing something?

Wow- I didn’t know the CJ4 does this now- I’ll have to check that out. It’s been a while since I flew that jet. I like the big ones;-)

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They are the ones working on the mod for the CJ4. It’s great. Soon they will be giving us a 757 too.

Ahh cool, allright… I was trying to google it and I couldn’t find any results about them. That’s cool. A 757 would be nice… But I’m no longer a Boeing fan ever since I got hooked to the Airbus philosophy so I’m probably only going to be using that for Air Traffic model. Hahaha.

Yeah, the 757 isn’t my favorite either…But, we’re also getting a 220, 350, 380 as well as possibly a good, payware 787 soonish too. Keep tabs on the mods, those are the jets to use in the sim for sure:-)

Totally, I’m only interested in the A350 and “maybe” the A380 once I get my hands on a second Thrustmaster TCA Quadrant. I’d pick A350 over 787 any day. A220, I’m not sure how that is more appealing to me since we already have the same category in the A320 anyway. I can see the appeal for more variety and I think it’s nice to have them. But I don’t think I will be flying that one since I can get short-medium haul on the A320 already.

I love the A350 because of its high-tech cockpit and technologies and it’s good enough for long haul flights where I can just let the sim run and go to bed. A380 is appealing but I don’t really like flying huge aircraft like that. Too sluggish and the cockpit doesn’t look as advanced as the A350.

But that’s just me. I’m getting off-topic now.

Just had this happen to me when changing runways (which I had to do twice because of the unreliable ATC), very frustrating.