A320 Default Climb Rate

I’m having issues with the default A320 when departing.

When I throttle back to Climb mode and activate the AP the aircraft pitches up to around 16-18 degrees and rockets to the altitude I’ve got selected and I don’t understand why this is happening. I’ve only noticed this recently as I don’t fly very often.

It’s feels very unrealistic, is there a way to combat this? I select my assigned altitude from the ATC and let the aircraft deal with the rest (speed, heading etc…)

I’ve never really got into “Selected” mode as I don’t know how to correctly operate it. Should I be using selected to control my ascent better?

Is there any good guides on how to learn selected mode?

This is a good YouTube article for the basics of the MSFS A320 using XBox.

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Thank you, very interesting

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This video also shows the AP brings the A320N up to 20 degrees of pitch and a ~4500 feet per minute climb. Perhaps it’s just very light, but that seems inaccurate to me and similar to what OP was talking about.