A320 FBW and speed brakes in throttle Hotas

In A320 FBW, is possible to assign speed brakes to a button of hotas warthogh throttle. I have try with buttons 7 and 8, bur it doesn´t work, and I have to move with the mouse.

Are there any difference with the MSFS A320 for this command? For the default A320, I assigned it to the analog “incr/decr” commande (grey command on the right). It works well.

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I only have on buttons 7 and 8 of throttle " Activate/desactivate automatic brakes". But don´t work. I have not try on A320 default.

354703 14456 FS Control Sent: Ctrl=66382, Param=-16384 AXIS_SPOILER_SET

355703 14456 FS Control Sent: Ctrl=66066, Param=0 SPOILERS_ARM_ON

You can address both with FSUIPC7 mixture axis on Hotas Warthog Control Panel

Using switch 30 for F2 Reverse Throttle

I don´t understand where you say of throttle in mixture

The axis has 2 functions:
[a] as axis --> AXIS_SPOILER and
[b] pull up the handle and move towards you and switch 30 wil activate to connect and set the SPOILERS_ARM_ON (during takeoff)

I continue to don´t understand how to move spoilers, without the mouse, with the buttons of throttle Hotas wharthog. If in controls, I search for spoilers, I dont find them,

Keyboard bindings (else Num /) that are not set, requires initialisation first then address the code to the function in the sim.
With FSUIPC7 these codes are available: see the video
All settings are made with the Hotas Warthog Control Panel

Thank you; yes it was a bit complicated without the video to understand. But I will continue to move the speed brakes with the mouse.