A320 FBW EFIS Controlpanel FCU selector knobs

since WU6 I am not able to

  • set the BARO to STD or QNH by press/pull
  • set the ALT selector to Mangaged etc

since the pull / push function is no more working for me

Any idea ?
Thankx for help

Do you got this strange xbox mod enabled? It inteferes with the mouse etc. To make it easier on the xbox but is horrible for pc.

Thank you for your answer
I was never aware of this mod on PC
Where can I disable it ?

Try general options accessibilty cockpit interaction system (hope this is right, I do not play in english), if this is locked change it to legacy.


YES !!!
Super it works again
Without your help I would never ever have found it.

Many thanks for that!!!

Glad it helped.

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Many thanks, I had the exact same problem and stumbled onto this thread.

The fix suggested by @alpenlaender worked perfectly!!

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Thank you … I was just the initiator
… but the credit goes to SiderealPizza0

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Indeed, many thanks to @SiderealPizza0 !! :+1:

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Just Started to fly the A320. Thanks for this help.