A320 FBW flasging LVR CLB

Hi all in a bit of a pickle here

i am flying the FBW A320 just now

Auto throttle is on for departure with speed knob pushed in and the dot showing. On climb it is going above 250kts. I move the throttles to CLB dent when instructed to but it is still doing over 250kts below 10,000 and flashing white text LVR CLB is flashing despite auto pilot on and throttles in CLB dent




You probably need to increase the control zone that counts as “CL” detent using the settings in the EFB… just give yourself a wider band to work with.


thank you will take a look at that and report back thank you

that worked perfectly thank you

Awesome, enjoy!

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I ve got the same problem… But changing my sensitivity does not work for me… LVL CLB is still flickering

Just to be clear it has nothing to do with the controller sensitivity settings.

In the EFB/tablet you can change how large the controller range/band that counts for any given gate. By default it’s quite narrow and can be very hard to hit.

If you are unable to have the system recognise that the thrust levers are in the CL detent you probably need to make that band wider.

When the aircraft is flashing LVR CLB it’s telling you that the system expects to have the levers in the CL detent but they are currently elsewhere… so it’s basically not recognising that you are in the CL position, making the CL position wider usually solves the issue. Unless there is a new bug of course!

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Yes that did it! Thanks so much

I have the same problem… What should the settings be? Thank you so much!

It is a bug, if you calibrate it again it stops flashing, but even if the plane registers it as in CLB position the screen will still show it as if it was not there

Me it is the reverse it turns on (LVR CLB) and never flashes. Solution?

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