A320 FBW , the dog no longer barks?

It’s me or the hydraulic dog song has stopped barking ?

They removed it per feedback from a real pilot, because the PTU can’t be heard from inside the deck

In the A320Neo, it can’t be heard from anywhere anymore. Airbus changed the PTU.

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not entirely correct :slight_smile:
The NEO´s have a modification on the PTU, and they simply don´t make this sound.

I know, there are videos outthere where you can hear PTU´s on a NEO, but that were one of the first airbusses with “the old version”… but today in the NEO´s as i said, PTU´s have a modification :slight_smile:

@Watsi01, okay, secounds faster :smiley:

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If the sound is removed, why was I still getting it in the Xbox version of the game that came out in July of 2021?

That said, I’m not getting it anymore since the last update it seems.

Is the PTU sound activated in the EFB?

I fly every month in Iberia’s 320 NEO and I can definitely hear the PTU sound! I believe they should live it there for those of us who want it :frowning:

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We have it. It’s an option in the EFB. You have to activate it.

And in newer NEOs there is a different PTU installed, which doesn’t make any sounds anymore. That’s why we made it an option.

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Thanks. It has definitely been removed from the stock A320, correct? I’ve seen some quite recent videos on YouTube and it’s still there, but I can’t get it to activate. I do have the Bredok3D add-ons. Would that interfere with it even in the non Bredok3D stock?

Oh great!! Thanks for the reply, good to know :smiley: