A320 Fenix: can it be used with just the keyboard and the mouse?

Fellas. For reasons I don’t want to get into I won’t be able to use MSFS2020 with anything but my keyboard and a mouse for a while (PC user).

Can Fenix’ A320 be used in these conditions ? I “thought” I had read somewhere that proper fligthsim gears (yoke/throttle/pedals) were mandatory for this plane (not just strongly recommended) but looking at Fenix website, I can’t find anything to this effect so perhaps I am confusing with another airplane.


During the height of gardening season my wife has me relegated to simming on an old laptop in the bathroom I hide under the vanity. I’ve only tried the 172 though.

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It may be possible but not very convenient. The good news is the Airbus nearly flies itself once the autopilot is set up. I would say, unplug you controls and give it a try. If it works, great; if not then we know the answer.
Best wishes.

I do not own it yet. I’d like to know if I’ll be able to fly it before buying it. Hence the question.

In other words, can I assign keyboards keys to ailerons/rudder/elevator/flaps/etc like with any other airplane in MSFS ?

Hi @CountedFan57061!

I hope this reply is not too late.

I have tried to control planes using my keyboard and mouse once and trust me—it is nearly impossible. You won’t be able to do smooth landings at all, and it just isn’t fun. If I were you, I’d rather wait a bit and get a proper flight simming setup.

Also, you don’t necessarily need rudder pedals since there are joysticks out there that can be twisted to use the rudder.

Happy flying!

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Guys, apparently a few months ago the Fenix had a bug which is that the Retard callout wouldn’t go off (with a possible workaround that works for certain people to go into external view then back to the cockpit).

Was this bug fixed ?