A320 Homecockpit starting point

Hey guys,
I looked for a A320 Cockpit buildup for a while now and read here and there. I don’t have a lot knowledge of wiring, thinks one need for it etc. So I am here now.

I come to two companies which are very interesting to me. “Vier im Pott” and “Skalarki”. Do you know, if the first one is using the electrical components from Skalarki? It is not that clear to me.

Do you have any recommendation for read more about building a homecockpit (specific forum for example…), for any good company in this sector and so on…?

For now my flat is a bit to small for a complete homecockpit, but I am thinking of getting to it step by step. Would this makes sense, or would it cost to much (compatibility?)

What is essential for a homecockpit (frame, shells, electrical components, how many pcs, and drivers, licenses to run MSFS for example…?

Just some questions which comes to my mind. Maybe someone have some answers for me/recommendations.

Thinking of getting the Skalarkis MCDU to run with MSFS.

Thank you so much for your input.

my info may not be updated but a while ago i was interested in a life-Iike a320 cockpit that would run with msfs2020 … I aborted the project because at that moment (and i was told to wait for a decade) there absolutely was no full hardware compatibility with msfs. I was told by everyone i asked to run the cockpit with Prepa3d. No way. I simply aborted the plan. My advice to you is: be very very careful on the software/hardware compatibility. the investment is pretty costly and for that kind of money i would want no surprises… . I’d be very curious to know if you do decide to proceed in that direction.

But on the other hand…

The only restriction seems to be a distortion with 3 monitor views.

A good startingpoint seems to be the Winwing FCU and waiting how far they go.

Atention: I´m not the threadstarter, because of the same avatarpic… :slight_smile:

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