A320 mod small artificial horizon

Hi guys any help please is there a separate switch to switch on the small back up artificial horizon on the A320 it’s never worked for me, just watched the you tube video on version 5 everything works on his version but I can’t get it to work at all, thanks in advance

When you say it’s not working do you mean it’s black or or do you mean it doesn’t move?
If it’s black you have to press the “+” symbol on its left side multiple times to turn up the brightness.
Once visible, it does work for me.

sorry my friend yes its blank have hit the plus multiple times and nothing. both large screens work all fine have reloaded the mod couple of times removed anything that could cause any issues but still nothing. thanks

I’m moving your post to General Discussion as the Bugs & Issues section is for MSFS default content only - no mods.

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found the issue seems that one of the 3rd part mods was affecting the aircraft removed and all good now thanks again

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