A320 Neo default vertical speed error

I have the disc version, Win 10, default A320 Neo, no add-ons. When I set the vertical speed for climb it has a negative (minus) sign in front. When I set it to descend, it has a positive (plus) sign in front. This must surely be the wrong way round?

Hi , You should use the FBW mod, I mean the FBW aircraft

You probably turned the knob the wrong way around. Try to turn it the other way.

Well, the aircraft ascends when it has a minus sign before the vertical speed indicator and it descends when it has a plus sign. So I’ll try what you suggest, for which many thanks, but I am doubtful.

Yes, I read all the comments about it being the ‘proper’ aircraft, but rather too many from those who have trouble with add-ons. Not sure I want more complexity yet, even after 20years+ on MS Flight Simulators I still find it quite a learning curve.

Just tested I can’t confirm you findings.
Are the ± signs reversed only on the FCU or on the FMA as well?

Can’t confirm either. You sure you operate it correctly. Post a screenshot please.

Thanks. I’ll try later and post a screenshot.

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Make sure you pull the V/S knob after you dialed in the desired vert speed.

Here is a screenshot to illustrate the anomaly.

Well you currently are at 2000ft and have set 10000ft as the target altitude so selecting -2400ft is contradictory.

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Thanks, but that is the point of my original post. I am climbing but the vertical speed shows as a minus. If I increase the figure I climb faster. If I descend to a lower level the vertical speed will show as a plus despite the fact that I am certainly descending. The screen shot shows that I am climbing despite the vertical speed indicator showing a minus figure. The fact that others cannot replicate is puzzling. As a long-time computer user I am aware that almost all problems are Operator Error but I am baffled by this one. If I am the only one having the problem it is not one for Zen Desk and I can obviously live with it.

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Confirm you have no mods installed and or the community folder is empty/renamed?

The vertical speed indicator correctly shows +2400ft/min and the FMA mode as well.

It’s ‘only’ the FCU sign which is reversed.

Trying to reproduce this. Started in the stock A320 on a runway, no flight plan; takeoff, engage AP with speed / heading / open climb to 2000 ft.
At 2000 ft, I set the FCU to 10000 feet, turned V/S to -2000 and pulled. The plane indeed starts to climb, at 2000 FPM. I then changed to +1500 and pulled again, and it changed the climb rate to 1500 FPM.

So it seems to work as intended when used as intended, but also climb with negative numbers. Not sure how the real plane would behave since the set altitude is higher than the current.

When stabilized I set the FCU to 2000 ft, set V/S to +2000 and pulled; it started a descent at 2000 FPM. Setting to -1500 and pulling again caused a descent at 1500 FPM.

So again it works as intended when used as intended, but also descends with a positive value set.

In other words, it seems to decide the sign based on whether FCU alt > current alt or not, and then use the absolute value of the V/S knob value as the climb/descent rate.

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It doesn’t matter in any real aircraft. I’ll have to test that ASAP.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this is another bug. :slightly_frowning_face:
If you e.g. change the V/S you need to pull the V/S again to confirm this change in the MSFS A320, but that’s not the case in the real A320.

Just tested and I can confirm. It’s another serious bug…sigh…

The FMA thrust mode is also wrong in ALT… CLB instead of SPEED.

As opposed to the A320 default and the bug which has been described by the OP, the A32NX does not exhibit the bug as shown below. i.e. dialing in plus 3000ft/min and the plane climbs and dialing in minus 1500ft/min, the plane descends as it is supposed to be.



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I don’t understand what bug your screenshots are supposed to show?
Looks ok to me.

Btw, if you want to climb you would normally dial in a positive v/s and not a negative v/s.
It’s pretty weird and very unusual pilot error. One of the items Asobo didn’t take into account.

The wrong thrust FMA bug is a the real problem IMO.

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Yes it is ok. That was the point, that luckily the A32NX does not have the bug as the Default A320 has. Let me see if I clarify the wording…

If you dial in a positive v/s when you want to climb and a negative v/s when you want to descend,
the default A320 works as designed.