A320 Neo Weather Radar issues

Weather Radar on Xbox A320neo (and other aircraft) is not working properly. Radar not updating data. Always have to switch off and on to get new data. In some cases (especially live weather mode) weather radar is not showing anything at all. Also after changing the range of map, the weather radar remains the same and is showing wrong information.

Playing on Xbox, any others here with this issue?

Yeah, I’m play on Xbox Series X and the Weather radar is not working properly. I’m wait new update on Xbox for solved all issues, because MSFS2020 is not enjoyable with these problems !


Hi ! Same problem here but using TBM930. I thing weather radar is broken on every plane for Xbox platform.
I used to play also en PC since day one and everything works great with the weather radar.

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same here.
platform: series x


It’s broken on every plane.
I reported this (and tons of other bugs) bug on zen desk 2 weeks ago. They are so lazy to don’t even respond for ticket.


I have the same problem flying with A320. Any news from your side?
Is the problem present even on PC version, or just on xBox?

Both PC and Xbox are affected

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In the same way as the author. It does not work correctly on any plane. Xbox.

Confirm, does not work properly on series s.

Yep and here I thought it was just me. Needs to be fixed.

Having the same issue as others here , Have to switch it on or off and like in the tbm/208b switch display and it shows a new “update” but not the full sweep .

Same here, not working in any plane on the xbox. I have played it on PC and it was working fine.

Confirm it’s broken on PC too.

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Yep same here. (FBW A320Neo) on PC. No Weather Radar…

And it is still the same after months. Don’t understand what is so difficult to fix this essential feature :unamused:

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Still not working in public beta, any chance of getting this bug logged?

Continuamos na mesma. Sempre funcionou bem no PC e agora fechou de vez…

Its not working on PC too. its take too long to a new update. since november 18th we have no update on SIM.


I’ll be glad when they fix this, this hasn’t worked since the release on Xbox

This issue is still ongoing. It affects every aircraft with a weather radar. Please vote this issue up.

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