A320fbw Why do alarms go off after landing

I am using the development version

When I land and come to a stop the main alarms come on and it effectively says I am not configured for takeoff and I can’t seem to turn them off as I taxi to terminal.

So I am obviously doing something wrong any suggestions ?

Ps I have searched but different find my answer

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I’ve had that issue too, but it’s fine now. Just keep updating :slight_smile: I think the problem is when you cut out reverse thrust but your throttle is still full so it thinks your taking off, just make sure to put throttle at idle before cutting out reverse.

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…or if your throttle allows it, just calibrate it, using the utility in the EFB, so that reverse works more like the real aircraft. That is, pull the levers back beyond idle to engage reverse, rather than having a button to engage it.

Thank you both