A320neo, 747 or 787

I am new pilot on xbox, and absolutely loving this sim, but one problem, which is the best aircraft to fly that has the least amount of bugs especially with the autopilot, the basic neo seems to be full of bugs so my question is which one is the better a320, 747 or 787

All bugged.
You need mods like FBW for 320, Salty for 747 and B78XH for 787


The latest salty mod doesn’t work after hot fix. It was updated for SU5 so hopefully won’t be long until it’s updated again

None of the above. You can fly the A320 like a GA aircraft , its the best of the three, but the avionics are a bit iffy to put it mildly. (This is why the training goes no further than take off and landing !). They are generally problematic which is why there aren’t many real jets on the store . The Aerosoft CRJ is the best of them by reputation, but I don’t know if you can get that on the XBox (payware) or if it even works.

There is a user mod, the A32NX for PC users https://flybywiresim.com/ but I don’t think the current stable works on SU5 (XBox release) and if it did I don’t know if you can download mods.

You might be best flying GA and the smaller passenger craft tbh

It’s a shame these basic airlines are buggered, that’s what I enjoy flying the most, short and long flights, can’t wait for the flybywire a320 to come to xbox, how about the private small jets are they any good?

Don’t know tbh. Your question is a very commonly asked one, so a search should yield a great deal of advice, and it changes from release to release - I like flying the steam C172 and its KAP140 Autopilot now seems to be working passably (it used to regularly launch you into orbit or to the ground …).

Well, yes. People who fly those sorts of planes like the process of controlling them, setting up the systems, interacting with ATC, ILS etc.

Actually flying them is rather boring I think ! I like flying the basic planes.

I think it’s because I’m a programmer, and flying an A320 is more programming. I’m in a GA VFR group, and the number of developers/engineers who are in it is remarkable.

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If you want study-level planes the best Airbus is the Fly by Wire and Fenix Simulation Airbus, and the best 747 is from PMDG Queen of the Skies, and the best 787 is in development by a development team I currently cannot find but they are somewhere on Facebook too.

If you want to fly Airliners for fun, none of the vanilla-planes have significant bugs I have noticed, and are fully usable.

I frequently fly the A320neo and I think it’s perfectly usable, especially if you’re new to the simulator. There are no flight-breaking bugs in it and the autopilot handles things much more elegantly than in the 747 which is not as advanced. Of course, you have to know what’s what in the aircraft. The autopilot can’t land by itself but it’s perfect to get the approach with ILS and you can then just land the plane easily (disengage the autopilot at a few hundred feet from the ground and just put it down).

I find the 747 autopilot much more fiddly, you have to manually set a lot of things for it, and also it sometimes decides it’s time to start circling in one place, instead of following the flight plan.

I don’t have the 787 but I’m really interested in flying it. Overall, I think the A320neo is the best choice. The current live weather and ATC bugs are much more annoying.


Agree with this, the neo is perfectly flyable at the minute, especially for beginners. The ATC live weather bug thing is very annoying but I’m going to try and just use preset weather or perhaps even disable ATC altogether

On a bit of a learning curve at the moment with the a320, definitely fly better with live weather turned off

It’s a shame you have to do that, but it’s a pretty simple workaround for the time being

I bought the premium version when the PC version was released… still don’t know why… I can only say that it was not worth spending the 60 € more at that time.
Even if no one has asked, just as a side info lol
It only remains to be seen that QW will soon release the 787 and PMDG will soon release the 737, 747, 777, so that at least a few players can also fly long haul with high quality aircraft.

After SU 5 none of them are normal!:scream::weary:

I would recommend the A320, it is the less bugged of the three, then the 747 and the 787 is unplayable :wink:

Yeah I have tried the other 2 and not impressed, the a320 definitely the best of a bad bunch, at least the base airlines should have been fully working in stead of half finished projects, definitely need someone to add more realistic airlines into the xbox version flybywire for the a320 etc and also a 737 would be nice

Do your self a favour and Download the FBW A320NX Dev version from Fly By Wire. far more advanced, and a lot more systems operable than the default which is riddled with issues since launch.

Unfortunately we don’t have the flybywire version available to us xbox pilots, but hopefully soon

I think this is now a lot less certain unfortunately following the latest update. Like I’ve said before the base neo is fine for now while I’m learning.

Why do you call the 787 unplayable? What issues does it have? I’m thinking about buying the Premium Deluxe version and the 787 is one of the main motivators for that. What’s so bad about it?