A320neo and ESC key

Just an observation, if the ESC key is pressed mid-flight in the A320neo and then pressed again to re-enter the sim. Check your Speed Brake and Flaps. For me it often is enabled after the ESC key is pressed.

Also during take off and if you ascent rate is slow, check the Speed Brake is in the RET position.

Make sure that the ESC key isn’t binded to speed brakes or flaps in the Controls Menu.

Thanks for the suggestion.

I did check and it’s assigned to:


Which is the Keyboard Default mapping.

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Are you using joystick ? Maybe some bad binding on that as well.

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Yes, the Thrustmaster A320 stick. I’ll double check. Thanks.

You know what ? Now I have a problem with thrust :smiley: After Sim update 10 if I press ESC key my thrust automatically goes to TO/GA. Using AIRBUS joystick as well. It’s set to Climb in mid-flight, but when pausing the problem occurs.

I have the same issue. :frowning: