A320neo autopilot ascend and descend issues

It’s not the only one, though. Most Chinese airports are also not centered in their placement. Part of the reason why I got myself a Navigraph Subscription, that fixes all the non-centered localiser.

Yes so did I but the OP is on Xbox unfortunately.

I guess that Xbox users have to stick with it as we have no possibility to use navigraph :frowning: Or…?

I keep forgetting to look at the tags, d’oh… :man_facepalming:

Looks like you need to start learning sidestep maneuver.


So I did… But it is not funny at all to find that you are 80 m to the right just on your minimums as you were following ILS cat 3 so far and the runway just appeared way off you expected it :smiley:

CAT III means DH lower than 100 ft or no DH at all so yeah would be interesting to reach 50 ft on a CAT IIIB and be nowhere near the runway :joy:.

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Exactly… I can tell better joke than this :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
And now as it can happen on other airports too, from now on I’ll never feel save to land anymore if there is not the visual on the runway, thnx :wink:

Yes its because the AP is in approach mode so it doesn’t follow the FMS flight plan anymore (which shows the correct track). The AP is following the localizer and seems to do a good job (localizer magenta diamond centered). Problem as said before is the localizer antenna not being placed directly behind the runway (extended centerline) but rather to the left in this case.

And that’s a good thing. During the simulator checkflights instructor love it to throw a localizer offset error to you.
And there’s not a lot of time to recognize an offset error on any CAT III approach!

Nice. I got 12 hrs on 320 in total in the SIM and I am happy that I just learnt how not to fly in circles and how to switch off the landing lights not to be shining in landing gear bay all flight long. LOC offset is rude at this point :smiley:
In real world, are there any airports that has this offset by default? Can it be corrected somehow using AP? Or is it meant to be landed manualy using it just for glide slope help? If it offset by error how can I recognise it soon enough to be able to correct it?

IRL an offset LOC leads you at an angle over or a few hundred feet ahead of the threshold.

The way it is in MSFS is wrong. There’s no offset LOC antenna with an LOC course which runs parallel to the runway.
This wouldn’t make any sense…except for the artificially introduced error in the ‘real’ sim!

The approach charts state OFFSET LOC. That’s e.g. the purpose of preflight planning!


There are airports with a localizer angled to the runway (offset). You brief (plan) the flight before take off by looking into the approach plate (ie ILS charts). You don’t just get surprised by them :wink: And yes you fly these offset ILS until you see the runway (while observing the published minimums) and fly the rest manually.

Oops. Simultaneous post. I guess you get the point.