A320neo managed mode autopilot issue

Autopilot of A320neo has strange behavior on vnav and altitude. In managed mode, autopilot is not following filed flight plan. Flight plan generated via MS map. Altitudes and climbs are not working in managed autopilot mode properly. On descend it works most of the time (mainly in lower altitudes), climb is not functional at all!

Playing on Xbox

i can’t even go into managed flight altitude sometimes. can do manual vertical climb but managed somtimes does not work and i do not see the dot any longer.

Are you guys having a problem on Xbox with the autopilot on the a320neo where any button you press will just disconnect the autopilot automatically. I’m having this problem where I turn autopilot on but then as soon as i click a button for example turn the lights off, the autopilot just disconnects

There are issues with the 320neo autopilot, I am on a PC and it’s not working either, have to manually climb or descent after SU5 update!

A very worm welcome Jacob hope you have a great time flying the sim on Xbox.

Hello nice to meet you. Yes enjoying the sim on Xbox if it wasn’t for the autopilot on the 320neo messing up. Must be doing the same on the PC then.

I am fliying in series S, prefer the 747 at least the sutopilot work, in the 320 the altitud the vs and a lot of things dont, Also the weather radar in a lot of planes


I know this is not linked the autopilot but is anyone having trouble connecting a mouse to their xbox? I’ve got a wired mouse that i’m trying to use but when I connect it to the xbox, its not working at all.

Same here, all automation regarding heading and speed don’t work on the A320, the 787, the 747 and on both Cessna jets. Only way to fly, change speed and/or direction is manually.

I’m on a PC with 16GB RAM, fast SSD drives and an i7 CPU.

The above refers to the July 29, 2021 update. Flight Simulator 2020 update has taken all the fun out of playing for me…

Someone suggested updating all the airplanes, but I can’t because they’re already updated to the latest version. The only option is to delete them.


allso the same problem with beechcraft Baron, Bonanza or Cessna 172 + 182 with G1000:

AP don´t follow the given GPS flightrouting, if AP NAV is connected.
I must flight the track by using HDG select.

Like me, do you missing the Leanpage-function too?

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