A320nx after 5 update issue?

Hello guys, is the A320nx broken after yesterdays update, i have an issue, in a dark and cold state, nav tcas failure, on Ecam, pfd,mcdu,nd not working at all? Any solutions or we have to wait for flybywire update?


Install the latest master version. There are still some minor issues with it, but otherwise works well. Give them a day or so to get the stable version working.

Hello there!
Yep, but dont worry, generally flybywire find a solution to fix code that are chanced with new update(that’s why usually new stable version run parallelly to new asobo patch)

… anyway the problem is… when AP and other deeper issue will be fixed by asobo?
They promise a massive AP update for patch#9(late december). So I believe at Xmass we will have our definitelly gift…
We will need to be more patient…
For Airlines in general is like we are still on beta testing , but I still believe msfs2020 deserve all our patient…look at VFR Flight possibility! Amazing…
My two cent…
Hope you can still enjoy your msfs2020
See you in the sky

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Thanks for reply, i enjoy the msfs, it looks very nice after update,it seems that I have to wait for flybywire update the a320nx.i hope it will be soon!!!

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Well, there we go again!
At my place several weird things happen. No MCDU. PFD panels are not functioning correct.
On advise of MSFS’s update I moved my Community folder. After the update I closed MSFS and replaced the Community folder.
Then I started up (I am a Steam user btw) and because everything with the A320 was not ok I decided to check the integrity of the files.
Bwaaaah, after that the Installation Manager came up with an update and indeed: for the full 95GiB which is busy now. And I know that takes several hours!!
Very nice these incomplete, and may I say, unchecked updates!

First, head over to FBW’s Github or Discord if there are issues with the mod.

Second, there will obviously be quite some changes under the hood over the next months, especially with ongoing optimizations. Therefore, broken mods after patches can be expected for a while.

Would be good if Asobo would publish what they changed and why so that mod devs would have to figure out less by themselves. I understand that this might be difficult to achieve for several reasons, though.

Latest a320nx developer version seems to work great even after yesterdays update.

Yes , old version deleted and installed new developer version and it work like charm…

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dont work for me, new version 0.4 is dead, you cant start the APU anymore

Did you install developer version?

The development Master build has a large number of improvements over release 0.4

Download the installer and switch between the two easily.

Installing the developer version made the FMC both visible and usable, and the APU working as it should.

Do any of you fellas stick get the rocking motion above a certain altitude? (With the new master flybywire update)

Yes, AP off then on and you solve the problem

AIrbus still does a 360 degrees in the middle of the flight. Flight plan loaded, AP is on. Disengaged AP, reengaged, didn’t make a difference. Flybywire version v0.4.1

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Sometimes you must engage and disengage AP several times, that works for me . Try disengage ,wait for few seconds then engage.

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I thought that worked, unfortunately the A320 veered left and spiraled down again.

Hi there,
I have the same Problem too. When I use the Original A320 from Asobo the plane works like usual (without all the advantages from the Flybywire A320NX)
Please post if the solution is found ! THX


After the puchback that is very slow I don’t get any movement in the a320?

Hi All,

Hereby the link to known issues list, including SU5. In case you run into something.


Keeping up the good work FlyByWire :+1:t2: