A320NX and Simbrief

Today’s flight is EGGW to LMML and the simbrief plan is as follows:- EGGW/25 CPT4B CPT N859 GWC DCT BOGNA UL612 RESMI UN857 DIRMO UN855
However when loading the plan into the MCDU via the AOC menu all I get is this:- BNN7 KEKOR RULOV SUDOX SUKAL RW31. These are not even on the flightplan!!, the flightplan on the Flypad matches the Simbrief one.
VFR map shows no waypoints either. What’s the point of having the import function if it does not replicate the flightplan?. I am baffled!!.

There was just a new release of A32NX. Could it be that? I am asking just in case you didn’t know. They have done some wonderful updates to the Skypad.

I thought the fbw aircraft updated themselves these days?
I am having the same problem as the OP. And can’t seem to add STARS to flight plan in simbrief.

In my case it’s even worse. I cannot add the simbrief flightplan to the MCDU via AOC. Works with the payload, works with the perf data. But when it’s time to download the flightplan in the INIT A page, there’s no retrieve option and no uplink message. Flightplan only shows in the Skypad.

Have you also logged into the MCDU with your Simbrief account name?

Hi all, yes logged in both Flypad and MCDU, apparently the issue is this, only enter your departure airport and gate if your using one and set this as departure on the main menu screen in MSFS, do not enter a arrival airport as this will not give you the correct INIT screen in the MCDU and will not allow you to load the flightplan

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FYI: I haven’t read this here yet (I’m sure it’s here), but I was having trouble putting my username into the SkyPad. I went to a text editor (Notepad) and typed in my username, highlighted my username, Ctrl+C, went back to the Skypad Username field: Ctrl+V.

Trying to type in that field, on the Skypad is not a good idea. FBW needs to add a keyboard on the screen for it to work. But, I bet you know that already. I am a little toe.

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Press the Alt Ground key while you move the cursor over the skypad screen. The cursor will turn into a magnifying glass. Right click and a skypad window will pop out that will allow you to use the keyboard without messing with the bindings.

Wow, thank you so much. I don’t know how you figured that out, that is a well hidden bug. Wouldn’t have solved the mystery without help. The power of the forums.

There seems there is a difference in keyboards around the world. PuffyCumulus has “Alt Gr” on his right “Alt” key on his keyboard.

So, if you are reading his suggestion two posts above then: "Press the right “Alt” key while typing in your SimBrief username. That is what it should say on the SkyPad screen… Like we are supposed to know that?

The devil is in the details…

Thanks, PuffyCumulus!