A320NX FBW Experimental Latest (09/19/2021 - 7de8f12) - Not allowing changing sim rate?

First of all a big shout out to AGuther and all FBW team. Awesome work and thanks so much for your time and effort. You are the only reason for many flying in MSFS2020. I must say, I am very disappointed as I found the development version always better and few steps ahead. I dont think people should apologize for having time constraints and fasting forward long flights. Very frustrated. Please reverse that. Many are suffering now. So people having issues due to sim rate and submitting you with complains - that’s not enough of a reason to force out a very traditional tool in flight simming. A friendly advise - reverse that ASAP.


It’s a bit strange to come here and say things like “very disappointed” and “very frustrated” when you voluntarily decided to use an experimental version, especially of a free product…


its in development as well
the idea of those releases is to get feedback before going stable - so that’s what others and I are doing here in this regard

think about it that way

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I’m sure the team appreciates the feedback, however “very disappointed” and “very frustrated” are a bit extreme, don’t you think ?

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will be less emotional next time if you dont like it;)

There is a change underway that will reduce the aggressiveness of reducing the sim rate and there will be a configuration file switch to disable it under your own responsibility.


Brilliant, thanks, much apprecisted!
You guys rock, thanks for the wonderful moments we are having with your aircraft!

Good to hear! Will it apply to the dev version as well? (I assume so – I think dev and experimental are mostly the same except for the custom autopilot?)

thanks for the everything!

Great, I kind of get a weird bug -ish situation regarding this, I remember at once I use the fbw a32nx to test out a add on stability and due to rushing to landing I tried to speed up beyond my computer is capable and somehow it kicked in. Problem is afterwards it kind of stuck in some halfway speed, I compare the cockpit clock with my watch, it’s kind of like 1.5x and 0.5x sim rate, if I press increase sim rate it takes 6-7 seconds to display a change of in game 10 second, but if in reduce sim rate it goes to 15-17sec for in game 10 sec, where I can’t go back to 1X time

Unfortunately with the myriad bugs in MSFS coupled with MS/Assobo lack of specific comms, it is sometimes hard to know what is a bug and what isn’t. Good to from @ AGuther that this is actually a feature. One less thing to doubt!

Just to help @AGuther and the FBW guys to sort this out, this is a trial I just did:

  • Develpment Version, updated with the installer one hour ago (9e7914c)
  • While on flight, I removed the frame rate limit and reduced render scale to 50, so that I get 40 fps stable (see captures below)
    Still no way to change sim rate. When I try it, it goes to 2 and after less than one second it reverts back to 1 :frowning:
    So your protection is either not working well, or is really overdoing this…
    Hope you guys can sort it out soon

I should also add that, before the latest versions, I used to have a CTD 1/3 to 1/2 of the flights, just after take off.
Now, with these latest versions I have had no CTD so far!
(The CTD were not sim-rate related, as I always take off at 1x, but you may have changed something else which somehow made your aircraft more stable)

The experimental version contains an improvement to the reduction of sim rate which is not on development version yet.

Thanks, I will try later today or perhaps tomorrow, I am in the middle of a 3-horur flight now which I cannot speed up… xD xD

Something should have change in the last update? still cant do any sim rate over X1
I should have change something in settings?..
Any help appreciated

Do you run the latest experimental version?

latest developement

See above. Needs to be the experimental not the dev version.

Hi there, I did a short test drive with experimental and sim rate 2x is fine… smooth as butter flying over a heavy PG area (Barcelona).
Tomorrow I will try to reduce render scale during cruise and see if I increase fps and can get to 4x…
Thanks to the FBW guys!