A320nx FBW RNAV approach

Hi there,

did something change when it comes to RNAV approaches in A320? APP button became inop (not activating) when I choose other than ILS approach.

I swear I did RNAV landing before but maybe the lastest big autopilot update in dev version changed the thing?

RNAV is not supported yet in the dev version, cause of the lack of VNAV.


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Since the A320NX is standalone RNAV does not work anymore. We have to wait til the VNAV release that should be coming soon.

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Thank you very much - I did not fly for a while so its new information for me. All clear :slight_smile:

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For the moment, use the charts for the RNAV timing on when to start the descent, and use the FPA mode to descent down to the runway.

Yeah, exactly what I did when I realized that on final :smile:

That explains it. I had a horrible RNAV landing last time. Could have sworn I had done RNAV before in the 320NX but perhaps not.

In the “old” dev version (using the MSFS default autopilot), there was RNAV working. But with the new custom autopilot and fbw, we can’t handle RNAV until VNAV is implemented.

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This now all makes some sense. Thought I was going mad !