A320NX from flybywire with custom AP


So I just began using the custom a320 by flybywire however with the redone interior. The flight displays and the anything with numbers are very blurry. Has anyone else ran into this? I run the sim on ultra and things still look rather bad. So I know some will have to do with my 1070. But prior to using the custom a320 the screens were perfectly clear.

double check that display settings again

Fly A320 right now w/ latest dev version of FBW and it flies perfectly.

Are you on render scaling under 100?

Did you try increasing the brightness of the various displays?

It was under 100. When I checked I believe it was at 70.

There you go, that’s your issue.

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Is 100 the best setting or is it just trial and error after 100?

Always go with 100. What this means is that if you pick any number that’s lower than 100, the sim is rendering at a lower resolution that your monitor. So the texts becomes blurry because it deliberately not rendering the remaining pixels. And end up averaging the pixel colours to upscale them.

Whichever monitor resolution you’re using, always set to 100 or above if you want. But don’t render it lower than that.

If you’re having fps issues, there are other settings that you can reduce rather than the scaling.

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Changed it to 100 and it was perfect.

I have noticed though when I am flying even with a headwind I will randomly get a huge gust of wind that sends me in to over speed. Has anyone else noticed this?

Hmm… that could happen. But it depends on how you set up your cruise speed. If you’re on selected mach airspeed where you set it to be on the overspeed line, then any small changes in wind speed due to gusts may send you to an overspeed warning.

But usually if you kept on using Managed airspeed, you should be fine since the cruising speed is usually well below the overspeed zone. So any gusts will only shifts the airspeed a little without going to the overspeed zone.

You can reduce your speed a bit to prevent this from occurring too often. That is what is done if severe turbulence is encountered IRL where overspeeding may occur.

There is one aspect of the FBW mod that reduces the speed margin between the normal managed cruise Mach and the maximum operating Mach. MSFS does not correctly convert between Mach and calibrated airspeed. The MMO indication for the FBW mod uses the correct conversion, so it is shown at the correct KCAS on the PFD. The speed being flown by the autopilot, however, uses the incorrect MSFS speed conversion. We will have to wait until either Asobo fixes the speed conversions or we have our own autopilot/FCU for this to be corrected. Until this is fixed, the speed being flown currently is higher in KCAS than it should be and closer to MMO and overspeed than it should be.

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The A320 mod crew is working on the custom A/P now.

Ahh alright thanks everyone. I must be missing a step when I do ILS with the new FBW with the customs AP. Because when I go and get my LOC the only way for me to get the G/S is to disconnect the autopilot but then it never descends so I end up manually descending still and the last two airports having the correct LOC it puts me about 30 feet to the left or right of the runway each time.

Do you have the APPR button selected when trying to capture the ILS? If it’s not capturing the glide slope it sounds like you might not.

Yes I do. And usually I will click the LOC and wait for that to turn green. Then I hit APPR and it only turns green once I disconnect the AP

You just need to hit APPR before you intercept either localiser or glideslope and it’ll arm both modes. I never use the LOC button, and I keep AP on until the last 100 ft. See how I do it here. But this is just me and my flying style, though. Never failed me before with simpler approach procedures.

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