A320NX When Using Simbrief Causes Freeze

Same problem has happened to me every time I reach cruise, using the A32NX on PC. Game just freezes, sound continues, and I need to terminate the game.

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Just operated a flight using the MSFS World Map IFR on the A32NX and it did not hang. Normally I import a Simbrief fight plan

Do you have a Navigraph subscription?
If not, the Simbrief planner may be using different nav data than the sim does, which might cause this.

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Also pls check the EFB settings. The ‘Sync MSFS Flightplan’ option should be set to >none.

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Not sure if by “freeze” the whole sim is frozen or just the airplane. IIRC there was an option in the flyPad to automatically pause on TOC, that might cause the sim to pause (not freeze). If it’s completely unresponsive (i.e. cannot press the ESC button) then it’s probably something bigger like the others suggested.

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Thanks all, I will test those ideas.

I now have a Navigraph subscription, but the “freeze” (i.e. MSFS hangs and becomes unresponsive until terminated manually) has also happened before I had the subscription.

Sync MSFS flightplan is set to Save, as the intent is to use the flightplan set in the A32NX with the default ATC. Is this feature not stable?

You should read the info in the link Watsi01 provided.
It explains the various settings, and yes, issues that can be caused.

I have had the same issue, but with the 787 and pmdg 737. Sim freezes and sound continues just before reaching cruise alt. All flights with imported Simbrief flightplans.

I tested to start from the same airport (KJFK) w/o flightplan and entered wp´s manually in the FMC. Worked fine, no freeze or CTD. The same if I fly another plane like the 172.

Alright, another freeze, this time with Simbrief set to “Load Only”, at FL280 climbing to FL380. I thought setting Simbrief to Load Only (matching MSFS world map flight plan with Simbrief) instead of Save had solved it, but apparently not!

You have mentioned that you have a Navigraph subscription, do you update the sim with it?

And yes, there can be issues.
From the FBW documantation:

The aircraft’s custom Flight Management System provides better accuracy and features over the default flight plan manager in Microsoft Flight Simulator, which results in issues syncing the flight plan from the MCDU back into the simulator. Do not expect it to work properly in all cases.

Thanks a lot. Yes I had seen that, I will resort to not loading the simbrief flight plan into the sim.

I have not updated the sim with Navigraph and was not even aware that this was a possibility, that’s great. I will look into it.

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I would suspect that not updating the navdata to the sim is the greater part of the issue.
Once you do that, I would try using “save” again.
I use that, and don’t have many issues.