A32nx autopilot issues disengaging

I’m having issues with the autopilot disengaging and not being able to re-engaging it, it just beeps… Seems to happen when I print a weather report/enter anything in the approach page. I’m using the latest dev version

Happened to me last night. I am using the latest Dev version.

Can’t remember exactly when it happened but it was pretty late into a 2 hour flight and I was grabbing/printing latest METAR and programming the Approach so sounds like a bug.

After repeatedly trying to get AP to renegage for the better part of a minute or two, it finally did. I forget exactly what I did (if anything) or whether it might have just worked itself out by itself.

This is yet another, in a long list of major problems I’ve seen recently with the AP. The other being the random circling.

The AP will disengage if you approach a stall condition.

Please watch this guide. Make sure your throttles are properly calibrated so you do not have them outside of CLB.