A32NX broken

For me the A32NX seems to be broken first time it powered up partial did a restart in the menu still the same , took another airport now it stays completly off power did here also a restart

No displays, or APU?

restarting a couple of times ? This retrievers the community folder sometimes that solves stuf

Maybe the NX is not compatible with 1.9.3?


from cold and dark yo cant turn it on, and if you fly directly from the runway the screens are turned off

All screen are black and dont turn on

I’m sure the NX team will fix asap.

As i mentioned in the patch thread. Autopilot is not following the flightpath after the japan patch. I will now update my OS and test again.

Same here. All displays are powered down regardless if I start from cold dark and start everything or powered up on the Rwy.

i turned ai tfc off and airport tfc off again as before with previous patch, cold/dark works that way, i guess there are still some clashes between msfs and the FBW mod…!

I just found turning on Dev Mode and selecting the A320 from the Aircraft load window got it to work. Just don’t forget to exit dev mode so that your logbook and flight is recorded.

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After updating OS it seems to work. At FL370 now and no issues so far

I’m not seeing any updates for windows available…the default A/C works fine technically speaking, but the modded A320x does not.

I had an update available. I don´t have the modded 320