A32nx development version out of date

I just want to delete and reinstall a fresh development version of the A32nx which i do after every update.

I use the A32nx install manager and its saying that the dev version is out of date please consider updating.

Just letting anyone who uses the dev mode you might wanna check and see if yours needs updating

It’s “out of date” nearly every day. The dev version is updated constantly.


yeah been a few weeks since they last updated it. Like i said i just wanted to make people who have not checked recently know so they can update.

I, a short time ago realized that myself. I last updated it yesterday, but do you need to delete your current version before updating? I have just been pressing the update button on the install manager.

That’s ok. You could sometimes delete the previous version by hand. But that’s only needed, if you have issues and would like to be safe that you have a totaly clean version installed. Normally, you just run the installer.

Your’re right with the stable version. But the developer version is updated every day.

I usually check for updates for the dev version every other day its the first time I’ve had that message. I mean I’ve not been on the last 4 days so I have not checked but thanks for letting me know I’ll definitely check more often. Done a round trip flight to Venice from Heathrow and back and touch wood all seems good. No longer any playing lawn darts with planes or making the cabin 1 huge sick bag from being rocked side to side for hours. The only thing that I really wish would get sorted is the ils misalignment then I’d be set. Hopefully it gets sorted soon.

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When applying a sim patch/update, it’s always suggested to empty your Community folder first. I’ve heard here that the A320nx updates more than just the Community folder. Do I need to “uninstall” the nx before updating the sim and, if so, how? Thanks much.

I don’t think the Installer supports the Dev version with the custom FBW. So I do a clean installation on that version without the installer.

The installer supports the Dev version as well as the Stable version. I never delete my old install. Just run the updater and I’m good to go. Some people are superstitions about computer related things apparently.

We have 2 separate Dev versions now. One with the custom FBW and one without the custom FBW. The installer only support the dev version without the custom FBW. So if you want the new autopilot system that they develop as well as full support with the TCA quadrant hardware, you can’t use the installer. You need to use the manual install of the dev version with custom FBW.

While using the installer straightaway would work with daily updates. It’s essential to delete the old install and do a fresh install of the latest version if you’re moving from different editions (eg. from Stable, to Dev, to Dev with Custom FBW) This is just to make sure you don’t have any garbage files coming from the older version screwing something up in the new installation.

The thing is, we don’t know how they actually do the installer, do they make a full uninstallation as part of the update process or they just overwrite whatever the old version has with the new version files. If it’s the former, then it’s all good. If it’s the latter, then that’s when issues start to come up. Until we know for sure, I think deleting old install and do a fresh reinstallation with the newer version is the safer way to do, even though it’s just a bit of a slight hassle if you do this practically every day.

I disagree. I’ve moved between dev and stable versions without deleting anything. No issues at all. Like you said, we have no idea how they do the installer. But there are still a lot of supersititions theories on the forum.

I suppose I’m just unlucky enough then. The first time I had that issue moving from stable to dev directly using the installer without deleting the old version caused my MCDU to not properly load the flight plan coming from the world map, and my display screens just blanked out. I couldn’t turn it on using the brightness knob.

So I deleted the A32NX mod, then use the installer again to download a fresh copy of the same dev version. Then my MCDU loaded the flight plan correctly and my displays came to life.

This happened months ago using the very first version of the installer though before the more recent updates to the installer. And that’s probably only happened to me and not to everyone else. I’m just saying that to make sure the build is clean when installing. And it’s just an extra 2 seconds thing to do, not that big of a deal.

Just to clarify: Right now everything what is done to use / install the A32NX happens in the community folder only. This is the case with the dev version and the stable version.

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Just a small thing, probably: I figured they somehow store the MCDU settings somewhere. These seem to be kept even after you deleted the A32NX folder. Conclusion: something is stored outside the folder. Could be just me, though.

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They are stored in your brain :laughing:

Actually that’s an interesting question. I asked our big boss, where these informations are stored. This was his answer:
“honestly, we don’t have any idea”

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Works fine for me if you open the installer it gives you the option to install the dev version I know it works as you can now use the atc button on the mcdu and now even declare a mayday or pan pan, request a course change for weather or aircraft problem

Persistent storage of settings should normally happen under \ProgramData like with other addons (workingtitle) or could also be done in the user profile (AppData).

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Checked that. Nothing.

Thanks! Even if something(s) is(are) stored outside …\Community, it doesn’t sound like it’s causing any problems.