A32nx IFR with Navigraph and SimBrief Integration Question

I am flying the FBW32nx in MSFS2020 and would like to do the following:

Create an IFR flight plan with SID/Airways/STAR in Navigraph …
in the FBW32nx, Import the plan into the EFB and also into the MCDU

Currently, the EFB only imports SimBrief active plans, and if I export my Navigraph plan to a .PLN file, I can import at the world map, but it will not completely configure the MCDU.

I guess I may have the process wrong and will appreciate guidance and/or suggestions.


I guess the first question is: Is there a reason why you’re not using Simbrief to generate the flight plan in the first place?

I don’t fly the jetliners much but I do believe that under all imported flight plans you still need to do some work at the MCDU in the cockpit.

A Simbrief import to the MCDU does not bring in SIDs and STARs. You must always manually program those for your departure and destination airports. ATC sometimes changes your departure and arrival as well, so you might want to get ATC clearance for takeoff first so you know what runway you are actually assigned. Assuming you are starting from a gate or parking, of course.


Have you read the FBW instructions regarding the FMC?

@rsauerbrun can mitigate this by doing the following steps:

  1. Create the full flight plan in SimBrief including SIDs and STARs,
  2. Download the .PLN file from SimBrief.
  3. Load the .PLN file from the world map. This will become the flight plan for the default ATC to use.
  4. Import the SimBrief Flight plan through the MCDU SimBrief integration.
  5. Get Clearance from ATC.
  6. Add the SIDs, and STARs again to the MCDU FPLN page and off we go.

As long as the FBW aircraft is set to not sync any MSFS flight plan from the EFB, The flight plan loaded from the world map and any changes in the MCDU should not affect the ATC. So as long as the flight plan with the same SIDs and STARs are loaded from the world map before starting the flight, and the same SIDs and STARs are chosen in the MCDU. ATC should clear us with the exact same departure and approach. This is how I always do it with my flights.

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Neo, good suggestion and it’s worth it in my opinion to try and get ATC and the imported plan in sync as much as possible. I like to have some ATC guidance on the way as I’m not interested in VATSIM.

A question for you with your process. Do you have a paid Navigraph subscription? I ask because I’m curious if the SIDs/STARS you get from Simbrief always show up as available options in the MCDU when inputting departure and arrival procedures?

I do not have Navigraph, so I often have situations where the STAR in the Simbrief plan doesn’t directly match with what’s in the MCDU.

I do have Navigraph Subscription, yes. I got it because I had problems with misaligned ILS from most of the airports in China. Getting the Navigraph subscription and installing the NavData updates fixed all of these issues, so I keep using it.

The positive side is, with the SimBrief Navdata matching the Navigraph Navdata, the SIDs and STARs and all the waypoints would match too. And I’m always able to select the correct SIDs and STARs list (except for a very rare instances when there’s a conflict between a payware airport procedures with the Navigraph one).

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Thank you Neo4316 … I will try your process.

I also have a paid Navigraph subscription and use it to identify the correct SID/STAR and make sure they match with my route.

I also like the ATC help along the way, so your process should work well for me.


Yeah, but also make sure the Navigraph Navdata is also updated in the sim as well, and not just being used for charts.

As long as your Navdata in the sim is updated with Navigraph, the SIDs and STARs should match between the MSFS World Map, and the SimBrief and MCDU.

As a slight aside request - how do I ensure the sim is updated with the latest Navigraph data?

Oh, hang on, Navigraph Data does it, I just checked and the Navigraph app seems to have been updated too.

Yeah, just run the Navigraph Navdata Centre app, and it will tell you whether you have the navdata installed, or if it requires an update you can just click the button to update.

The important exception being that if you emptied Community before installing SU8 without first removing Navigraph navdata with Navdata Center, it may now still be telling you that navdata is installed, although it no longer is.

So, always remove the navdata with Navdata Center before doing anything else to your Community folder. And if you forget, “remove” and reinstall with the app afterwards.

Every time a new update is released, we get several of these threads here. The silly thing is that it’s probably completely unnecessary to empty the Community folder unless you get issues after the update. At least if you have installed Packages in a custom path, which would be a much better piece of advice to promote.

It’s probably because it’s reading from the content.xml file. I usually delete that file, restart the sim so it can be rebuilt with the full list of everything current.

I have to do this quite often recently because Navigraph gave me CTD when I want to fly into a payware airport from the marketplace. When I removed Navigraph, no CTD. I installed navigraph, then I get CTD.

The only way I get both to work is after installing navigraph, I delete the content.xml file, and start the sim. The sim then rebuilds the content.xml file with everything that’s installed in the official or community folder in the proper(?) order. And once that’s done, I’m no longer getting CTD and it actually fixed one issue with missing STARs from some of the other payware airports.

Here’s an easier way been doing this for last 3 SU, and have not have any issues.

Here’s how: Rename Community folder to BKUP_Community.

Create a new Community folder .

Update MSFS install everything load aircraft and go to any airport, when everything is running correct, exit MSFS delete the new Community folder and rename BKUP_Community folder to its original name.

PS: Specially if you have a lot of Addons, this is very simple and work for me.