A32NX Pack 1 and Pack 2 - FAULT

When I startup my engines as normal and takeoff the PACK 1 and PACK 2 shows me FAULT.

Wouldn’t this be a better question for the mod’s Discord server or something…?

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Aside from this, if I’m not wrong it’s normal for the packs to be (automatically) turned off in order for the APU to have enough power to actually fire up the engines. So I’d say it’s normal.

Edit: actually you can observe this behavior in actual real life flights. You might notice that the outlet over the passenger seat will reduce air pressure around pushback.

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I have this intermittently, it tends to clear to clear after starting to taxi.

ok I agree that this can be normal in startup phase of engines but I had this the whole flight.

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That’s odd. I’m currently trying to reproduce it by having the same switch settings on the aircon panel but I’ve got no fault so far.

Which route were you flying?

Isn’t the checklist say that it’s suppose to be showing FAULT?

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You‘re probably referring to the engine generators?

yeap… that’s what I was referring to.

Today happened to me too, packs 1 & 2 fault entire flight.