A32NX Passengers & Cargo Not Loading

Good afternoon,

I currently use the A32NX and for the life of me I cannot get Passengers & cargo to load in the AOC menu of the MCDU. Can someone please enlighten me to why this is?

Is there something I need to setup in simbrief as i have already added passengers and cargo in there.

Many thanks!


Did you hit the “SEND” button under “REQUEST” and then “START” under “BOARDING”?

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I will do this now in this precise order then will reply back here.

Many thanks Ted!

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Okay so i just tried and followed your procedure. It simply lashes and doesn’t do anything. I’m very confused as to why… It’s the only 3rd party aircraft I have in the sim.

Not sure how you are loading everything but, for me, I generate my SimBrief flight plan, go into the FBW A32NX, and first load the flight plan up using the FlyPad (have to ensure your username/ID for SimBrief is loaded into the settings). Then I utilize the INIT button to load the flight plan into the FMS. After that, it should work as I mentioned earlier. Is that what you have been doing previously?

Thank you for your reply. Yes that’s what I was doing the other day… Then I installed the MD82 + Bae146 and I couldn’t use it again. I think this might just be one of those Things that happens. Moving forward I will try to completely uninstall and reinstall as I only Really fly the A32NX anyway… I’ll get back to you tonight or tomorrow to let you know if that fixes the issue.

Thanks for your time Ted! Have a wonderful evening.

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Out of curiosity, what version of the FBW A32NX are you using?

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I actually tried it on all 3


nothing… lol


I noticed that’s taking a good time for the first passenger go onboard in real time. Full boarding procedure’s taking more than 10 minutes. Did wait some time after the initial boarding?

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It just flickers and does nothing on both so im in the phase of reinstalling the sim just incase something had happened.

Are you starting at a gate or on the runway , don’t think it works on the runway

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I start at the gate full procedures

Are you sure you’re actually entering the amount of people per rows that you desire to load? The values you see on the screen seats per row, you actually have to manually input a number, it shows you the maximum amount allowed per row. It worked great the other night for me, but I have given up on using the FBWNX until hopefully one day soon they bring back the ability for AI to operate comms.