A32NX v0.4.0 does not work fine in MSFS

After lhe last MSFS update ( a lot of things don’t work (with original A320Neo , no other mods except A32NX)

PFD screen is always on test mode
MCDU is down
radio set is down
impossible to start APU engine
ECAM high does not show good informations.

flybywiresim answers that it’s fixed, but it’s not.
Other simmers with the same problem ?

Did you install the latest developper version ?
This one works fine!


Same here, stable version.

Works fine with me.

Where I can find this version ? I know only the last stable version which is the v0.4.0. Is it the master version ?

Works fine here, you’ve got the wrong version… update

Using the latest developer version (not the stable release) and flew two flights last night no issues.

Go to the github and scroll down to the downloads area you’ll find “Unstable Master Branch Build” and download that.
There is an installer but I haven’t used it.

Use the installer https://github.com/Externoak/A32NX-installer/releases/latest/download/A32NX_Downloader.zip

Maybe you should post on FlyByWire’s discord.

It’s a mod, and as such it’s not officially supported by the simulator. Since it piggybacks on the default aircraft instead of creating a completely new one, you can expect every single patch that touches the default a320 to break the mod and require action from its own developers. It’s inevitable.

Thanks All, it works fine now with the developer’s module (downloaded with the installer).