A32x ENGINE 1 won’t start

Also fuel pumps need to be on

Tried this. And i meant the fuel pumps were on as well.

When you move the master eng 1 switch on the controller does the corosponding virtual cockpit switch move??

And your mode switch is turned to ENG/START?

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Yes it moves just fine. The engine just won’t start.

I have the same problem after SU5.
tomorrow I will try your solution.

Send a picture of your upper and lower cockpit when you’re trying to start it.

Check APU BLEED is on. That did the trick for me.

also the FBW Experimental version is not currently the correct version to use (it’s way out of date). You should switch to running the Development version (which is current).
I had the same problem after SU5 and removing the “Toggle fuel valve” binding in settings cured it for me.

I’m running the dev version. I haven’t tried the experimental one ever.

Works perfect, thanks for the help!!!

Current dev version as of yesterday has a fuel bug.

Yes it is known issue with thrustmaster throttle and SU5. Many people have this myself included.

Sorry but My reply was based on you saying you were running the Experimental version

Does this help get the engines started? Manually throwing the switches in the cockpit, not using controls.

more then that, i’ve tried starting the engine with cessna 152/172 and even the icon A5, experiencing the same issue with all of these planes.

I have a problem that when I turn off the airbus engines, it records my flight and goes to the screen (continue, go to the main menu). Do you know what it could be?

That is an annoying “feature” of all planes, not only the A32NX. Microsoft/Asobo has implemented. There is a bug voting list to get rid of it somewhere here on the forum.

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There is a work around for that - you need to unmap “Toggle fuel valve” in your controls. If you need detail step by step instruction check youtube there is plenty of movies how to do it.

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