A330-300 Autopilot

Hi all

I use the A330-300 mod available on the following link: - YouTube

But for a few days, I don’t know if this is related with the update, impossible to make it fly with the autopilot…

the aircraft still took a left turn and it was impossible to change the heading. Do you have this problem?

thank you


With the current DEV version of FylByWire, the plane does not really work, many functions do not work
do you use the DEV or the stable version?

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Thanks , I will tried

Could you post a link to where I can find the paid a330 mod

Where can you buy the paid version

that site sounds like a scam. people selling other work doesn sounds good. i have talk with some devs and they all say the same, scam with others work
FBW will be advised and lets see what they say

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