A330-900 Calibration

How can i calibrate it like A32nx ?

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That is how you do it. :grin:
You use the FBW A320NX
The A330 reads the calibration from there.

Nah, not mine, here is not the same, is different

Wow, it’s just your luck to be the only person in the world to have a version that doesn’t work that way.
I guess there is no sense in your looking here for a fix.

On a serious note, we all have the same files you do.
There is no difference where you live.

You can use the search function (top right) to find any of a number of posts here on this.
Here is a link to just one of those posts.

■■■ bro?? im talking serious, i have Thrustmaster Officer pack from Airbus, and it works very well on A320, but in A330 my reverse is not well calibrated…i will try to fix it

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That’s because the A339 is using the default sensitivity curve. While the FBW A32NX uses a separate custom calibration tool in the EFB Flypad.

You can’t use the same sensitivity curve profile that you use on the A32NX on the A339.

You need to go back to the “default” Control profile for your TCA quadrant, then duplicate that profile and rename it as A330-900neo. Leave the sensitivity curve as is and test it on the A339. The default sensitivity curve should be good enough. But if you find a few things a little bit misaligned you can do small tweaks to the sensitivity curve. The rest of the bindings, you can adjust as you were.

This way, you have a separate throttle profile for each aircraft. When you want to fly A32NX use the A32NX profile. If you want to fly the A339, use the A339 profile.


My problem is fixed :slight_smile:

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How did you manage to fix this?