A380 - AI or airport eye candy

I landed a few times at major airportt including London Heathrow and have encountered some very gaudy orange and white aircraft taxiing about which are double deckers looking amazingly like the Airbus A380 As an Xbox user I can’t see any A380’s for self-fly. Am I mistaken?

Yeh, this is a A380 but it is only for IA, you can’t fly them on Xbox nor on pc for the moment

Fenix Simulations (and also Fly by Wire) will make a study-level Airbus A380 as their next project.

FBW are already building one, never heard of Fenix doing the A380, infact they have gone silent since SU5 so i guess they may also have issues caused by SU5

Fenix is making one? I don’t believe that to be correct? Thought it was just FBW?

They just made a post today – definitely not silent. Said SU5 had little effect on them, since everything they do is external from the sim.

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Ah, now that’s good news, Thanks for sharing

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