AA issue?

Cant seem to find much info on this. I usually fly around KSRQ in FL and have not noticed it much. This morning decided to explore a bit in Texas around Dallas. Definitely noticed a lot of shimmering on various objects.

Have they acknowledged and issue with the AA or is this what were stuck with now. Use to be much nicer last August.

My pop ins are fixed with the new precache on Ultra and for that I am happy. Now if they could get the AA and lighting back to the way it was I would be thrilled. For reference and if it matters I am using a Samsung 90 series 4k tv for a monitor and I am running the sim at 4k 100 RS. I think this AA problem is what is making my trees in the distance look so bad too.


I agree, I have noticed something off aswell. I seem to of lost the nice crisp textures.

It all looks a “bit blurry”

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As odd is it may sound I think this is a problem with AI generated buildings, Dallas doesn’t have photogrammetry. Check out Fort Worth (which has photogrammetry) and see if the problem still exists.

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Good point maybe this is why I never noticed it around KVNC. Where I fly most on the south west coast of FL is photogrammetry. If your right I see no reason why they would not be able to fix it.

On a side note I was unable to find JR Uwings mansion and I am still not sure who shot him :grinning:

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Flying in New Zealand yesterday after applying the update. Something weird going on with the water and the clouds. At first I thought it was the clouds reflecting on the water but that was not the case. If it continues I will take a screen capture and put it up here. The word “shimmering” is what I would call this phenomenon. Looks weird.

This has been an issue since SU5, a huge downgrade in AA which doesn’t seem to have been fixed in yesterdays update. A bug has already been logged so hopefully they’re looking into it - [BUG LOGGED] AA downgrade since SU5 (in-game, not menus/overlays)


I don’t think it’s just autogen buildings as, for me at least, the problem still seems to be there in photogrammetry areas as well

I think I have spent 95 percent of my time flying in my home area from Key west to North of Tampa. This may be why I am not noticing a lot of the graphics anomalies others are a having. When I get home today I will start checking out other areas and see if I notice any thing unusual.

I’ll check it out in a bit.

Uh oh; Generally when ASOBO stays mum on a bug like this it means they don’t consider it a problem and or something they intend to fix

Maybe a stupid question, but did you check that AA is turned on? I had the same issue a few days ago and spent some time trying to figure it out, before I realized that TAA had been switched off for some reason.

Yep TAA is on. The problem is nothing as bad as if it were set to FXAA for example

You’re not going crazy. Big downgrade of TAA since SU5 - affects “special” bespoke buildings from World Update too. This leads to a lot of shimmering, even in active pause. Most visible in VR (through the lens footage of the issue has been taken).


Asobo literally has added [BUG LOGGED] in the title.

The point is they should already know about the issue as they broke it in the first place, this and the many other regressions should already be in their internal bug tracker. It shouldn’t be up to us to constantly report issues that blatantly need fixing ASAP, not months later, it’s poor form and poor communication.


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