Ability load a flight plan into the Garmins

Let us load flight plans saved from MSFS and from full-featured real world flight planners like AvPlan and OzRunways into the Garmins.

This is even more critical given that the current flight planner doesn’t allow route editing, setting altitudes per leg and seems to not allow a cold start on reloading a plan. It always starts in the air for me but maybe that is just a bug.


I suspect what your asking for is beyond the ability of at least the G1000. It takes the plan from the MSFS system but I’m not sure it can cope with a .pln file. It worked in X-Plane but not sure about MSFS.

That’s why I’m asking for it. Because it isn’t in MSFS. Even better if it supports Garmins GPX format but the PLN file format the this MSFS uses would be fine too.
We can’t even set the starting point (EG: parking spot) using the current MSFS PLN data like we could in FSX, it is ignored on loading.

You can import .PLN files! While in the IFR Planning Menu, press SPACE to import. SimBrief already gives you a PLN export compatible.

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Yes you can but it was the problems with the imported plan that is the issue. I don’t find Simbrief to be a very good VFR flight planner so I don’t use that. I use AvPlan which is a real world flight planning tool.

When I loaded an existing plan it always started in the air. I’ve since found that the flight plan exporter didn’t quite work properly so I’ve written my own. Now the only really annoying issue is that when I do a multi-leg plan I have to exit the sim to load the next flight plan.

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Is it possible to get a “load flightplan” function when inside the cockpit for the G1000 and other Garmin avionics?

At a minimum, the Garmin user interface should be able to read a folder with .pln files made from external planning software. It would be even better if it could read Garmin .gpx files, too.

Thank you.

That would be a nice addition, since you can actually import flight plans in the real G1000 through an SD card:

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In X-Plane 11, there ia a G1000 MFD screen for that. If you press the FPL button on the G1000 MFD, an extended flightplan screen shows up. If you did not press the FMS button, have not selected anything and turn the small FMS button clockwise, a load flightplan screen shows up. Now click on the FMS button and scroll with the large FMS button through the flightplan list until the required flightplan file is highlighted. Then press the ENT button. That does the job in X-Plane.

I have been digging into MSFS to find a similar possibility. As yet, I haven’t found it.

My precise questions are the following:

  1. Where does MSFS store its flight plans for the G1000?
  2. Is the “ph” file extension the right one to use?
  3. How do I get such a file into the G1000?

The answers to these questions would certainly help several people, myself included!

Han Schouten


Has ANYONE ever seen this?:

A load GPX files dialogue box?

Trying to get to my cockpit camera views. Hitting Alt+1 opens this menu. At first I thought it was littlenav map or something. I was in the 172 sp. It pauses the game and I can’t even get to it with the mouse. I have to tab to cancel and hit enter. Am able to use mouse in windows10 still, but it’s invisible or behind the FS program.
So happened 1st in 172glass cockpit and now in CJ4. ???
I thought it was doing something with ATC also, but can’ seem to duplicate that aspect.
wierd !!

After that mouse freelook(hold right mouse) in cockpit no longer works it still works in external though… Hat button still works in both. Mouse wheel zoom works in both. Arrow keys work and switch back to default view are OK.
None of what I thought were saved cockpit view work and D-button views only seem to work in external.
Like I said before at first I thought it was another program or addon. Still could be I guess. But the way it pauses sim and starts flying again when I cancel makes me pretty sure it’s something in the sim.

3rd time now and seems to be happening every time.
I changed graphics card last evening and that is the only thing I can think that might have caused change, but I can’t figure out for the life of me how it would/could cause this.
I know my cabin camera views have worked since patch 6 and I just checked the camera.cfg for the G36 (plane it just happened in) and it still looks the same with 10 views I think.
I’m positive I had cabin views in C208 in community flight Friday.
Anyway this time was a little strange in that the view did switch to copilot but then quickly ATC and Load GFX files dialogue came up. I could use my mouse this time to work in the dialogue box but other cockpit freelook didn’t work (but hat does) and no quikviews with D-pad in cockpit.(same as last 2 incidents)
I exported a pln in LNM to a GSX file and I’ll see if it can load next time.
I would really like to get my cabin views back working though.
I checked keyboard mappings for Alt+1 and all I can see is Load custom camera 1 and Save CC1 (Ctrl+Alt+1) under cockpit camera. So nothing new there.
I know some people have been asking for a way to add more pln without Main Menu. (which I have done in past thru garmin but not really proficient with it and so Main menu is more reliable and consistent because not different for different AC.
Sorry for the multiple posts in a row. I posted a link to this in another thread talking about GFX. This old thread is closest to subject I could find. If it keeps happening and no one else is seeing it I guess I’ll submit a tkt to zendesk and start a new thread…
I think I tried views in the 152 (steam gauge) last night and as I recall views weren’t coming up but I was able to save 2 views and load them. Point being that it’s non garmin and so far happened in 172G1000, CJ4 and G36 so more likely that it’s garmin related and not just any MSFS AC.

OK, 4th time now, this time in Beechcraft G58. Alt+1 brought up dialogue. I opened the GPX I exported from Lil nav map and it seemed to open OK. Got some sort of print on screen with a timer in it and stating the name of the file loaded. 30seconds later CTD with no error message ?

I don’t really care about GPX files. I just want my custom cockpit camera views back.

I’ve been struggling the same issue. Is there any progress? I have no idea about this

Options/General/Camera/True Cockpit Mode

Turn it to off.

“Debug True Cockpit” is the only description given by Asobo.
I thought it was for hardcore simmers looking to eliminate external views and such for competitive/realism purposes. But no explanation really what “True Cockpit” is, or what it is for.

I believe it’s something for VR beta or future VR users. Or possibly a way to perform the thread title in the future (although current setup breaks saved cockpit views).
Not sure why it is where it is and with no real explanation (seems like it should be in dev options, but they probably didn’t want to have to move it later. Maybe someone who knows more can chime in.

Anyway, turning it off should fix the problem.

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No, I’ve not seen it, and hitting Alt+1 doesn’t open it for me in either 172. What is that little icon next to the “Load GPS File” title bar? It doesn’t look like an MSFS icon. I think that may be a hint.

GPX files come in many different flavours so it would be a bit hit and miss importing one even if MSFS does support it, I think. I wrote a GPS to FPL converter to convert two GPX formats for use in MSFS, it would be nice if I could dump it for a robust native version. “Robust” being the key word here :slight_smile:

I would prefer to load a new flightplan in an activ airplaine - maybe with an virtual SD-Card (SD-Cardslot as Button for loading a File). That would make it possible not always going back to the world map!

This is something I expect we will see on 3rd party aircraft. It would be nice if the default Garmins had that capability. I tire of constantly re-entering FPs I use all the time.

There is a lot of noise in this thread, but going back to the original topic, what is desired is to emulate the loading of flight plans in the g1000. PLN files are Msfs specific and wouldn’t load in a real Garmin. Whatever format the Garmin supports should work in MSFS. The UI would probably involve clicking on the SD card to eject and insert it, which would bring up a file dialog.

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Saving and loading flight plans is a must. Please introduce this very basic function as soon as possible

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Please let us load and save flightplans like in the real units without having to use external software. I want to program my avionics and save it as flightplan 1,2,x just as I do in reallife.