Ability to bring desktop apps like IVAO/VATSIM into the VR cockpit

I fly in IVAO and I want to bring Altitude into the VR cockpit. So generally speaking if it is possible why not any desktop window in the cockpit. Even maybe a tablet in the cockpit.

If you happen to be using Windows Mixed Reality to run your headset, you can use the “follow me” option and take a desktop window with you from the cliff house in WMR back into MSFS. It’s not terribly intuitive on how to do it and size the window the way you want, check out YouTube videos or posts.

This one has been discussed so many times here… :roll_eyes:

Like here, for instance.

I am not re-discussing. I am trying to place it in the wishlist.

Ok! Well I tried that. But I can only bring the entire desktop with me to the cockpit and it was not usefull for me as my monitor is a 32:9 ultrawide anyway I am using OVRToolkit in steamVR. Which is resourcefull and it helped but it has its own cons. Thanks to OVRT I have seperate windows in the cockpit. IVAO Altitude + A Web browser + LittleNavMap + anything I need. But why not a native solution?

Do you mind elaborating on this? I was considering a purchase and would love to hear what issues you’re experiencing using it with MFS.

I assume that MFS wants to have exclusive use of the mouse is a problem with all the desktop-window-in-VR solutions?

Sorry for late answer.


  • It does the job but with some sucrifice.
  • Cheap, easy to use, good information and support.


  1. First of all there is an overlapping issue. (that is how the overlay tech works in steamVR API which means all the ovr software will behave same way) It is not bringing the app itself rather it crops it from the desktop, so if it is overlapping with an other window, if you alt-tab, minimize/maximize, switch between the overlapping windows can cause problems. In practice I resize the MSFS in a window as minimal as possible (helps with the VR performance as well but I have to adjust it every time) then place the windows separately not to overlap. I have a ultrawide monitor. I have space but still may not be enough if you need more than one app. One solution could be to use additional monitors. (I may use, IVAO altitude, littlenavmap, discord and a browser for webeye, fp)

  2. You have to use the controllers in VR which MSFS do not support natively and it is not practical either. To interact with the OVRT you will need the controllers. And for G2 this can be annoying because you do not hold them, you use the hotas and the mouse etc. so the controlers go to sleep turn the sleep off but will deplete the batteries fast. Terrible battery consumption with the G2.

  3. While interacting with the overlays, which means you basically click the window beneath on the desktop it causes the game to loose focus. So the cockpit mouse disappears. OVRToolkit has a feature about this and can switch back to the game again auto. It is solved like this but you must be aware of it in case you face this problem.

Is there any oculus API app similar to OVR toolkit

Yes but its not a easy way to do it. You should not have to go through Steam when you have the Microsoft version.