Ability to change the splash screen

I don’t want much… all I ask is for us to be allowed to change the jpg image that is at:

Program Files\WindowsApps\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_1.17.3.0_x64__blah-blah\Packages\fs-base-onboarding\images\onboarding.jpg

I mean… we fly! We paid good money for a FLIGHT simulator. Do we HAVE to be forced to stare at a Mickeymouse Swedish Castle or the Arc de Triumph for the 15 minutes it takes to load MSFS?

Keep the other precious files in WindowsApps… Just let us change the splash screen like we’ve been able to do for 30 years! Perhaps have the launch start from the Loading folder.

I changed all the photos I wanted in the LOADING folder down-directory in Users. And now I get my images after the “Checking for updates” thing goes away. But what about the opening splash that shows a ridiculous cartoon castle thing to FLIGHT sim users? Pretty please?

It would be nice if they could mix it up, maybe switch the second splash to optional from your screeenshots or your choice?

I hope you’re exaggerating with load times though, for kicks I loaded it up and timed it, I can be in a plane in 4:18 from desktop. (only one plane and one mod, burgundy 172 and runway skidmarks)

Edit: the load is kinda comical though
:23 splash of black then nothing
:44 the black returns
:55 XBOX
1:01 ASOBO
1:10 BlackShark
1:24 Castle
what … I was taking notes I missed a few things
1:45 Update check ends and the blue line moves to center and hangs
task manager will briefly show MSFS in red, as unresponsive
2:43 IT’S BACK! and then we move on
2:59 in the hanger, pick any airport quick like a bunny
3:25 FLY
4:18 I’m on the field ready to take off

Oh and a little more creativity based on possible use, maybe use a marque of black in some instances?

That’s with one two or three monitors.

Well three two one actually, dont know why I did that upside wrongish.

Well, right now the first and the second background splash are the same jpg. The first in in the WindowsApps, untouchable, and the second downstream in Users, which can be changed. My own point is about keeping that first one unchangeable.

As for my load times :
00:00 click to launch
00:26 black appears
00:35 xbox, asobo, shark
01:00 1st splash (Castle)
01:35 checking for updates
02:40 freeze after checking for updates is done. The freeze lasts around 4 mins 25 secs, while MSFS is checking and loading my 29 GB in 73 Community add-ons and 154 GB of 287 Official scenery and aircraft.
07:05 launch loading screens (all my settings are maxed-out to Ultra)
10:40 Hanger

I don’t mind the times. It’s my choice for very heavy addons.

What I do mind is having no option but to look at their choice of an irrelevant image for the first 7 minutes 5 seconds. At the launch of the loading screens it shows my images that I placed in the accessible MSFS folders at the User directories. I would really, really like to have control over the first image too.

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The monochrom Cessna image you can change at:

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Oh I forgot to mention I have been using process lasso … I gotta go buy that

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Please can we have an option to change or turn off loading screens? That includes the loading screens when first launching the sim, not just flights.
Everytime I launch the Sim, I get the USA update pictures.
The Top Gun loading screens were nice, it would be nice to have a choice.

Hi @vader749916

The loading screens feature what is new in the sim. When it showed the Top Gun Maverick screen, that was because it was a new feature in the sim.

When you say “turn off loading screens”do you mean make the loading screens show nothing at all?

Yes please, or just choose 1 image from a list of images (imported or stock) - even the standard MSFS cover image

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did you mean the existing -FastLaunch Parameter ?

HowTo use for MS-Store and Steam is mentioned here:

No I did try that already thanks :slight_smile:
I kept getting a grey screen sometimes when using that

strange… usually the FastLaunch Parameter fix for some users problems and you not need to see each time these xbox ads :grin:

Yes they are annoying too, it did get rid of those ones!
I am referring to the current USA updates screens - seen them a million times now!

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The new activities/world updates screenshots should not be in your face everytime you launch the sim - that should just be a note or something